Was David Troughton in Doctor Who?

Was David Troughton in Doctor Who?

Troughton appeared in the TV film All the King’s Men, playing King George V. He appeared in the 2008 series of Doctor Who as Professor Hobbes, in the episode “Midnight”. He has also performed in a Big Finish Doctor Who audio production titled Cuddlesome where he plays the Tinghus.

Who is Sam Troughton father?

David Troughton
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Is Michael Troughton related to Patrick Troughton?

Michael Troughton (born 2 March 1955) is an English actor, teacher, and writer….

Michael Troughton
Children 2
Parent(s) Patrick Troughton Margaret Dunlop
Relatives David Troughton (brother) Sam Troughton (nephew) Jim Troughton (nephew) William Troughton (nephew) Harry Melling (nephew)

Why did they change Wellington in Sharpe?

Troughton as Wellington In the Sharpe’s television series, Wellington was played by two different actors. After series 1, Hugh Fraser took over the role when Troughton swore he’d never go on location in the Ukraine again.

How old is David Troughton?

71 years (June 9, 1950)
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How long was Jon Pertwee the Doctor?

five seasons
He played the Doctor for five seasons from early 1970 to mid-1974, a longer stint than either of his predecessors in the role, although he ultimately appeared in fewer episodes than William Hartnell as the BBC had reduced the production schedule.

How long was Jon Pertwee The Doctor?

Why did David Troughton stop playing Wellington?

Cast. It was David Troughton’s second and last appearance as Sir Arthur Wellesley; due to illness, he was replaced by Hugh Fraser. Brian Cox would also leave the series after this film, due to poor working conditions in Ukraine. He was replaced by Michael Byrne, playing a different character.

Was Sharpe Cancelled?

Star Sean Bean has revealed there are “no plans” to film any more, even though Sharpe’s Peril attracted an ITV1 audience of more than five million in November. Swoonsome Sean says he’d be “delighted” to continue to play brave soldier Sharpe, who’s brought us 16 adventures since 1992.

Who is Sam Troughton related to?

Sam Troughton (born 21 March 1977) is an English actor. He is the son of David Troughton and the grandson of Doctor Who actor Patrick Troughton. His younger brothers are the former Warwickshire cricketer Jim Troughton, and actor William Troughton. Troughton studied drama at the University of Hull, graduating in 1998.

Was the 2nd Doctor actually Patrick Troughton?

In Bafflement and Devotion, an extremely meta-fictional story, Paul Magrs mentioned that the Second Doctor “was” Patrick Troughton. It should be noted that Iris Wildthyme (one of the main characters in the story) was also described as “being” an actor, but not in the sense of actually being said character, but a lookalike.

Who is Sam Troughton in hex?

Sam Troughton. Troughton studied drama at the University of Hull, graduating in 1998. Troughton is a Shakespearean actor who has worked with the Royal Shakespeare Company. He has starred in the horror films Spirit Trap (with Billie Piper) and Alien vs. Predator, and several television productions including Sky One ‘s Hex.

Who was John Troughton and what did he do?

Troughton was best known as a film and television actor, decrying theatre as “shouting in the evenings”. Making his broadcast debut in 1946, science fiction came early in his career with a BBC TV adaptation of the Karel Čapek play R.U.R..