How much damage does fiery enchant do?

How much damage does fiery enchant do?

It is known for its high proc rate (6 PPM). It can critically strike for 60 damage.

How do you get an avalanche enchant?

Avalanche (enchant)

  1. Avalanche.
  2. Requires Enchanting.
  3. Reagents: [Hypnotic Dust] (4) [Greater Celestial Essence] (6)
  4. Permanently enchant a weapon to often deal 74 Nature damage to an enemy damaged by your spells or struck by your melee attacks. Cannot be applied to items higher than level 136.
  5. Avalanche.

How do you get weapon enchant illusions?

In Warlords of Draenor, players with the Level 2 Enchanting Hut and an assigned Follower could access Weapon Illusions. This system has been greatly expanded in Legion. Players can collect permanent illusion options from all over the world, saving them to the account-wide Wardrobe system.

How much does fiery enchant cost?

This is 22-35g only mats price.

Where does fiery enchant drop?

Blackrock Depths
[Enchant Weapon – Fiery Weapon] drops from everyone’s favorite dungeon, Blackrock Depths.

How do I get sinful flame?

If you want the Sinful Flame Weapon Illusion, you have less than 2 weeks to hit 2100 rating in Arenas or Battlegrounds. The Sinful Flame weapon illusion has been revealed to be Season 1 exclusive and will not be available in Season 2 of Shadowlands.

How much do you tip a TBC enchanter?

I tip a minimum of 10g for any enchant that is viable for a player at level cap. When the enchant is more rare like Dexterity boots or Surefooted, I’ll often go to 15g. If it’s an enchant like 81 healing or 35 agility or Mongoose, I will usually tip between 20 and 25g.

How much DPS does fiery add?

Comment by Vesicular That’s 240 damage per minute, or 4 dps on average. Still one of the better enchants in the game against mobs without fire resistance, especially given the cost.

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