Can a computer engineer work in Indian Army?

Can a computer engineer work in Indian Army?

A basic degree is all that takes for a person of Indian nationality to get into the armed forces. So you’re a training cadet or a ranking officer in the army, irrespective of your field of specialisation in engineering.

What do computer engineers do in the army?

From maintenance tracking programs to programs that organize and display intelligence data, they ensure the Military has the software and programs needed to complete missions efficiently and effectively. They work in offices or at computer sites on military bases or aboard ships.

Can a computer engineer become an army officer?

A Computer Science graduate can join army under TGC entry wherein they go to IMA,Dehradun and get commissioned as Permanent Commissioned (PC) officers.

How can I become a computer engineer in Indian Army?

Since you are a computer science engineer, you have the following two ways of joining the Indian Army.

  1. Write CDS exam:- Combined Defence Services exam is conducted twice a year (Jan/Feb and Oct/Nov) by UPSC.
  2. Fill up SSC Tech form on joinindianarmy website.

Who can apply for TGC?

Indian Army TGC Recruitment 2021: Eligibility Criteria It should be noted again that only unmarried candidates can apply for the post. The candidates should be 20 years or above. The age limit to apply for the post is 27 years. So anyone between 20 and 27 years of age is eligible to apply.

Can computer engineer join Indian Air Force?

Yes – B. Tech. Computer Science/Engineering graduates are eligible for all 3 Services in various branches. Look up the Army Navy and Air Force Websites for further details.

Does the military hire software engineers?

The US military does not enlist soldiers to engineer software. Typically, software development is done by defense contracting companies or research centers. Usually these jobs require clearances of secret or top secret. Military experience will often get you this clearance.

Which Engineering is best for Defence?

If you want to join defence forces, you can go for Computer Science and Engineering branch or Electronics and Communication Engineering branch. These two branches have main roles in defence forces.

Can I join Defence after Engineering?

Technical Graduate Course entry also known as TGC entry is a type of entry by which an engineering student(only male) can join Indian Army as an officer. This is an entry scheme specifically meant for those students who are looking to have a career in defence after engineering.

What is TGC salary?

The salary for lieutenant is between Rs 56,100 to 1,77,500, captain is Rs 61,300 to 1,93,900, major is Rs 69,400 to Rs 2,07,200, lieutenant colonel is Rs 1,21,200 to 2,12,400, colonel is between Rs 1,30,600 to 2,15,900, brigadier is Rs 1,39,600 to Rs 2,17,600, major general is Rs 1,44,200 to Rs 2,18,200, lieutenant …

Can BCA apply for TGC?

BCA graduates aren’t eligible for any of the technical entires. However, MCA graduates are eligible!

How to make a career in defence after engineering in India?

The Indian navy is a good option for those seeking to make a career in defence after engineering. The Indian Air Force Academy was established in 1969 near Hyderabad to train officers for the Indian Air Force. The academy imparts training to the flying, technical and ground duty branches.

Which is the best job in the Indian Army for computer?

If you want to work in your skill zone of computer expertise, then you can opt for Signals. The Corps of Signals in Indian Army is responsible for all the communication during war and peace. They also handle all the aspects of IT in indian army like software development, website designing, cyber security.

What is the function of the Indian Defence Department?

Indian Defence department mainly works for the Nations security and categorize as Indian Army, Indian Air Force or Indian Navy and protect us from terror attacks and border attacks, You will find all the updates on Army Jobs, Air Force Jobs and Navy Jobs, just for you.

Why police/defence jobs in India?

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