How can I upgrade my globe tattoo from 3g to 4g?

How can I upgrade my globe tattoo from 3g to 4g?

You can upgrade your SIM in 4 easy steps:

  1. Insert your new SIM into your device.
  2. Enter your 11-digit mobile number.
  3. Wait for your request to be validated.
  4. Once validated, you will receive a text confirming your successful SIM upgrade.

How can I speed up my Globe Tattoo pocket WiFi?

3 Easy Tips to Maximize your Internet Connection

  1. Keep your router away from obstruction.
  2. Connect only the devices you’re using. Too many devices connected to your Wi-Fi can slow down your internet speed as each device takes up a portion of your total bandwidth.
  3. Wi-Fi extenders help improve your Wi-Fi signal coverage.

What is the IP address of Globe Tattoo?

To configure your modem, simply open your web browser and type in your router’s IP address: 192.168. 254.1. For PPPoE users, type “user” as your default username and password, and then click on ‘Connect’ button. You will then be redirected to a page that shows the current status of your device.

How Fast Is globe LTE?

42 Mbps
Globe LTE Mobile WiFi runs on Globe’s LTE network at speeds of up to 42 Mbps. It allows you to connect to the Internet even while you are on the go. Just turn on the device—no need to plug in the USB port and you can connect up to sixteen (16) devices!

How can I get Globe LTE signal?

To upgrade your SIM for FREE, simply visit your nearest Globe Store with your old SIM card. After claiming the new LTE Upgrade SIM, text UPGRADE to 8080 using your old prepaid SIM. Insert the new LTE Upgrade SIM on your phone, enter the 6-digit upgrade code when prompted, and press OK.

How do I upgrade my SIM card to 5G?

Upgrade your SIM in these easy steps!

  1. Turn off your phone. Remove your old SIM and replace it with the LTE Upgrade SIM.
  2. Turn on phone and wait for the SMS instruction from 3723. Reply to the message with your mobile number.
  3. Wait for the SMS confirmation.
  4. Restart your phone to complete the SIM upgrade process.

Why is my Globe LTE slow?

What can cause your connection to slow down? Latency: Your connection slows down the farther your app or game server is from your device. Bandwidth: If you connect more devices, you need more bandwidth. Too many connected devices slow down your connection.

How can I change my 2.4 GHz to 5ghz globe at home?

The frequency band is changed directly on the router:

  1. Enter the IP address 192.168. 0.1 in your Internet browser.
  2. Leave the user field empty and use admin as the password.
  3. Select Wireless from the menu.
  4. In the 802.11 band selection field, you can select 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz.
  5. Click on Apply to save the Settings.

What is the password of Globe router?

The default username is “user” and the default password is @l03e1t3. In many cases, you can see this at the back of your Globe at Home device. You will need these login details to access your router’s gateway. That’s it!

How do I connect to the Globe Tattoo pocket WiFi?

Turn on the Globe Tattoo pocket wifi and connect using the key you get on the cover. Now that you have connected to your globe tattoo pocket wifi you can now change the settings including the SSID or Wifi Name and your pocket wifi password. To access the settings, open up your browser and type

Why do I Keep Forgetting my Password on Globe Tattoo WiFi?

In some time users of this product, Globe Tattoo Wifi may forget their passwords – especially after hiatus or a long time on not using or maybe because of some memory loss or because you have too many credentials and is not able to pin point the right one.

How do I login to my Globe Tattoo dashboard?

Open in your Phone or Laptop or Desktop any browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or whatever available. Type in the URL, and you’ll see your globe tattoo dashboard. 3. Click SMS > then type admin in both username and password. 4. CHANGE Login Password:

How do I access the settings of my Tattoo account?

To access the settings, open up your browser and type In the Tattoo page, click on the “Settings” menu, it will ask for the authentication type in “admin” for username and password. After you enter the username and password correctly, you will arrive on the settings page leave the Configuration profile settings as is and click next.