Why is Skelmersdale famous?

Why is Skelmersdale famous?

Skelmersdale has no traffic lights and is made up of roundabouts including one of Europe’s biggest, what an amazing fact. The largest of Skem’s roundabouts – dubbed the ‘Hope Island’ features a multi-geometric shape with a flower in the centre and is named the Gateway artwork – a tribute to cancer sufferers.

When was Concourse Skelmersdale built?

The Concourse Shopping Centre, the first phase of the Town Centre development, opened for trade on 11th June 1973. Twin cinemas in the bus station building at the Town Centre were opened in January 1974. The population of the New Town at 31st March 1975 was estimated at 39,900.

Where does the name Skelmersdale come from?

Skelmersdale means “Skjaldmarr’s valley”, from the Old Norse personal name Skjaldmarr + probably Old Norse dalr (or Old English dæl) “dale, valley”. The name was recorded as Skalmeresedel in 1136.

Why was Skelmersdale built?

Built to give relief and a new life to some of the burgeoning population of nearby Liverpool, it was officially designated a new town on 9 October 1961. But it was the industrial revolution which spurred it on from village to town and set the foundations for its new town status.

Is Skelmersdale a nice area?

Skelmersdale – or Skem, as it’s affectionately known by locals – is a friendly and welcoming ‘new town’ set in a picturesque Lancashire valley on the River Tawd. The greenery isn’t just all around Skelmersdale, either, it’s been built into the planning of this town, which has woodland running right through it.

How old is Skelmersdale?

During the early 10th century Scandinavians settled in the area, naming it Skjalmar’s Dale. In Domesday Book (1086) it was noted as a small agricultural hamlet. Between 1861 and 1881 coal mining began, and the town grew in importance. In 1962 Skelmersdale was selected as the first new town in Lancashire.

What is Skelmersdale and why was it built?

When did Skelmersdale station close?

4 November 1963
Skelmersdale railway station

1 March 1858 Opened as Blaguegate
1 August 1874 Renamed Skelmersdale
5 November 1956 Closed (passenger services)
4 November 1963 Closed (all services)

Is Skelmersdale rural?

The town is known locally as Skem /ˈskɛm/. While the first record of the town is in the Domesday Book of 1086, much of the town, including the current town centre, was developed as a second wave new town in the 1960s….

District West Lancashire
Shire county Lancashire
Region North West
Country England

Where is Skelmersdale Concourse Shopping Centre?

If you love shopping you will already know about the Concourse Shopping Centre situated in the heart of Skelmersdale, West Lancashire.

Why is Skelmersdale a new town?

Skelmersdale was designated a New Town in 1961, designed to house overspill population from the north Merseyside conurbation.

What stores are in the Concourse Shopping Centre?

With almost one hundred retailers the Concourse Shopping Centre has a wide range of stores on offer including local independents and well known high street stores such as Boots, Superdrug, Home Bargains, Iceland, Aldi, Argos, Wilko’s and New Look. There are lots of ways to get to the centre, including car and bus.

When was the first railway station in Skelmersdale built?

In 1858, Blague Gate railway station in Skelmersdale was opened on the new Ormskirk to Rainford line. It was renamed to Skelmersale railway station in 1874, before closing in 1956 and its demolition shortly after 1968. Skelmersdale’s population in 1851 was only 760, but 50 years later it had increased to 5,699.