Who is the commander of the Ohio National Guard?

Who is the commander of the Ohio National Guard?

Major General John C. Harris, Jr. John C. Harris, Jr. is the Adjutant General, Ohio National Guard, Joint Force Headquarters, Columbus, Ohio. He is a member of the Governor’s cabinet and is responsible for the command of the Ohio National Guard and the military readiness of the Ohio Militia.

Does the National Guard have a general?

Each state in the United States has a senior military officer, as the state adjutant general, who is the de facto commander of a state’s military forces, including the National Guard residing within the state, the state’s naval militia, and any state defense forces.

How many National Guard troops does Ohio have?

The Ohio Army National Guard is made up of more than 11,500 Soldiers from all across the state.

What National Guard units are in Ohio?

The Ohio Army National Guard presently consists of the following major commands or units:

  • Joint Force Headquarters (JFHQ)
  • 73rd Troop Command (73rd TC)
  • 37th Infantry Brigade Combat Team (37th IBCT)
  • 16th Engineer Brigade.
  • 371st Sustainment Brigade.
  • 174th Air Defense Artillery Brigade (174th ADAB)

What does the Ohio National Guard do?

Purpose: The Ohio National Guard exists to serve the Citizens of Ohio and America by fulfilling our state and federal military role of providing public safety when ordered by the Governor or support of the National Military Strategy when ordered by the President.

What do you do in the Ohio National Guard?

Does Ohio National Guard have tanks?

The Ohio National Guard conducts M1A1 AIM SA main battle tank familiarization training.

What military bases are in Ohio?

Ohio Military Bases

  • Camp Perry.
  • Camp Ravenna Joint Military Training Center.
  • Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.
  • Ohio Coast Guard Stations.

Is the Ohio National Guard part of the military?

The Ohio National Guard is made up of Citizen-Soldiers, meaning that the members of the National Guard lead civilian lives in addition to their duties as a soldier….

Ohio National Guard
Active 1803–present
Country United States
Allegiance Ohio
Branch United States Army United States Air Force