What is ARSL?

What is ARSL?

ARSL proudly supports and represents rural & small library staff. We welcome library staff of all kinds, partners, and ally organizations to learn more about ARSL membership.

Who is the director of research at NSERC asrl?

Director of Research, NSERC ASRL Industrial Research Chair (IRC) in Applied Sulfur Chemistry and Associate Professor Dr. Marriott is currently the Director of Research and an Associate Professor at the University of Calgary.

What is aserl?

Today, ASERL is among the largest regional research library consortia in the United States. By working together, ASERL members provide and maintain top quality resources and services for the students, faculty, and citizens of their respective communities. NEWS!

What is the Association of southeastern Research Libraries?

For 65 years, the Association of Southeastern Research Libraries has brought together leaders from research, federal, and state libraries in the region to foster a high standard of library excellence through inter-institutional resource sharing and other important and innovative collaborations.