Who created WOWP?

Who created WOWP?

Todd J. Greenwald
Wizards of Waverly Place is an American fantasy teen sitcom created by Todd J. Greenwald that aired on Disney Channel for four seasons between October 2007 and January 2012.

Is Waverly Place real?

8. Waverly Place is an actual street in New York City. It’s located in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of Manhattan.

Is there a season 5 of Wizards of Waverly Place?

Wizards of Waverly Place: Season 5.

Why didn’t Justin become the family wizard?

The first out of the maze will win. Justin makes it out first and is declared the Family Wizard. However, he decides he cannot accept this because Alex was about to get out first: Justin had gotten stuck on a tree root and Alex, near the exit, came back to help.

Was Wizards of Waverly Place filmed in NYC?

Like so many half-hour comedies set in New York, the show is filmed entirely on a sound stage in Hollywood. Only exterior establishing shots are done in the city, and seem to consist mostly of stock footage.

Why wasnt David in Alex vs Alex?

It was executive produced by Selena Gomez. While David Henrie originally planned to star in the special, he declined because he wanted to move on to his acting career. He was mentioned many times in this special.

What is Alex Russo’s real name?

Selena GomezWizards of Waverly Place
Alex Russo/Played by

How many seasons was Wizards of Waverly Place on Disney plus?

The following is a list of episodes and film for the Disney Channel Original Series Wizards of Waverly Place. The series premiered from October 12, 2007 to January 6, 2012 spanning 4 seasons, and produced 106 episodes along with an hour-long “return” episode that premiered on March 15, 2013.

Why did they turn Max into a girl?

Maxine Russo was an alter-ego of Max Russo that was created when Alex and Justin crossed spells and created and transformed Max into a little girl. The cover-up story the Russo’s came up with to explain Maxine’s existence is that Maxine is their cousin from North Dakota.