Is French or Dutch braid easier to learn?

Is French or Dutch braid easier to learn?

The main difference is that with a French braid you’re crossing sections of hair over one another, and with a Dutch braid you’ll be crossing them underneath. Neither one is easier per se, but if you’re a newbie you’ll probably want to start by practicing a French braid.

How do you make a Dutch braid?

Making a Basic Dutch Braid Start with neatly brushed, dry or damp hair. Brush your hair straight back, then gather a section from the hairline. Split the section into 3 equal strands. Begin a standard braid to anchor the Dutch braid. Add a thin section of hair to the right strand before crossing it under the middle one.

How to Dutch braid for beginners?

Split the hair into three sections

  • Braid the left strand under the middle strand
  • Move the sections into the left hand
  • Braid the right strand under the middle strand
  • Move the sections in the right hand
  • Repeat
  • How to do two Dutch braids?

    Center Part. Part your hair down the middle,then continue that part all the way down the back of your head to create two even sections of hair.

  • Crossing Under. Switch back to the working section and gently brush out any tangles. Pick up a small section of hair at the front and divide into three.
  • Begin Adding to Each Section. Just as you learned in my earlier tutorial on French braids,you’re going to start adding small bits of hair to each section
  • Gradually Add More Along the Way. Continue this process as your braid grows longer.
  • Finish&Repeat on the Other Side. Braid the remaining sections to the ends of your hair,and secure the tail with a small elastic.
  • Wear It! This is a practical sporty look that’s great for athletics and leisure,but can just as easily be dressed up for a romantic look,which is
  • Bonus: Make Waves While You Sleep
  • What makes a Dutch braid Dutch?

    Also known as an inverted or reverse french braid, a dutch braid is created the same way as a french braid, except hair is crossed under the braid instead of over it . To make a dutch braid, begin by dividing the section of hair you’ll be braiding into three equal pieces.