Who bought Lexington?

Who bought Lexington?

On November 1, Franklin Templeton, announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Lexington Partners L.P., a leading global manager of secondary private equity and co-investment funds, for $1.75 billion.

When did the Lexington Herald merge with the leader?

Leader owner John G. Stoll bought the Herald in 1937; Knight Newspapers bought them in 1973. The papers merged Jan. 1, 1983.

What is the largest newspaper by circulation in Kentucky?

The Courier-Journal
The Courier-Journal, also known as the Louisville Courier Journal (and informally The C-J or The Courier), is the highest circulation newspaper in Kentucky.

Where is Lexington Herald-Leader printed?

Lexington Herald-Leader

The June 1, 2012 front page of the Lexington Herald-Leader
Type Daily newspaper
Founded 1870 (as the Lexington Daily Press)
Headquarters 100 Midland Avenue Lexington, Kentucky 40508 United States
Circulation 55,833 Daily 63,458 Sunday (as of 2013)

How do I cancel my Lexington Herald-Leader?

You can cancel at any time by contacting our customer service center at 1-800-999-8881. Your subscription is subject to additional Terms of Service at http://www.kentucky.com/terms-of-service.

How do I contact Lexington Herald-Leader?

Please visit the Subscription Service Center or call 1-800-999-8881.

Who founded the Courier-Journal?

George D. Prentice
The Journal was an organ of the Whig Party, founded and edited by George D. Prentice, a New Englander who initially came to Kentucky to write a biography of Henry Clay. Prentice would edit the Journal for more than 40 years.

What is the name of the newspaper in Louisville Kentucky?

The Courier-Journal, morning daily newspaper published in Louisville, Kentucky, long recognized as one of the outstanding regional newspapers of the United States.

How do I contact the Lexington Herald-Leader?

How do I contact Lexington Herald Leader?

How do I cancel my Lexington Herald Leader?

What is the Lexington Herald-Leader?

The Lexington Herald-Leader is a newspaper owned by The McClatchy Company and based in Lexington, Kentucky. According to the 1999 Editor & Publisher International Yearbook, the Herald-Leader’ s paid circulation is the second largest in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

What is the official newspaper of Lexington KY?

Lexington Herald-Leader. The Lexington Herald-Leader is a newspaper owned by The McClatchy Company and based in the U.S. city of Lexington, Kentucky.

What is the �Herald-Leader ™?

The Herald-Leader is the official legal organ for the City of Fitzgerald, the City of Abbeville and Ben Hill County. The Herald-Leader is wholly owned by Pryor Publications, Inc. Tim Anderson, editor & publisher, and Becky Pryor Anderson are sole owners of Pryor Publications. The newspaper is printed at Pineland Press in Ocilla.

What is the history of the Miami Herald?

In 1937, the owner of the Leader, John Stoll, purchased the Herald. The papers continued as independent entities for 46 years. Despite the common ownership, the two papers had different editorial stances; the Herald was moderately liberal while the Leader was conservative.