What club does Harry Arter play?

What club does Harry Arter play?

Nottingham Forest F.C.#31 / Midfielder
Republic of Ireland national football teamMidfielder
Harry Arter/Current teams
Charlton Athletic are delighted to confirm the signing of Harry Arter on a season-long loan from Nottingham Forest. The midfielder, who has played 94 Premier League games, returns to the club where he made his professional debut in September 2007 after graduating through Charlton’s esteemed academy.

Why did Harry Arter leave Bournemouth?

“Initially, I thought it was because I wasn’t playing, I thought that was what my problems were,” says Arter. “It wasn’t until I left Bournemouth that I realised it wasn’t that, it was the grief that me and my partner had suffered.

Is Harry Arter on loan?

Charlton Athletic have confirmed that Harry Arter’s loan stay is over – with the experienced midfielder returning to parent club Nottingham Forest. Charlton manager Johnnie Jackson said: “Harry came in and worked hard during his time at the club.

How old is Harry Arter?

32 years (December 28, 1989)
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What footed Harry Arter?

left footed
Arter became known for his left footed strikes from range, notably scoring the second goal in the 3–0 home victory over promotion rivals Middlesbrough and first goal in the 1–1 away draw against second placed Watford.

Is Harry Arter Irish?

The 31-year-old Ireland midfielder is looking to get his career back on track at Charlton Athletic. Harry Arter training in Faro ahead of Ireland’s recent World Cup qualifier against Portugal.

Where is Harry Arter now?

Harry Arter/Current teams

Who is Fulham’s manager?

Marco Silva
Fulham F.C./Managers

Marco Silva has been confirmed as Fulham manager on a three-year contract, having turned down an offer from Fenerbahce to take over at the Championship club.

Who is Scott Parker related to?

Parker is the brother-in-law of footballer Harry Arter, who played under Scott Parker for Fulham. Parker has been in a relationship with Arter’s sister, Carly, for over 15 years. He has four sons.

Why has Eddie Howe not got a job?

Eddie Howe has admitted for the first time that he backed out of the Celtic job because he wasn’t able to bring his backroom staff to Glasgow. But the newly-appointed Newcastle United manager claimed that he did not perform a last-minute U-turn — and says he was always honest in his dealings with the Parkhead club.