Where is Dadju from?

Where is Dadju from?

Bobigny, FranceAvicenne Hospital (AP-HP)
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Who is Wati B?

Wati B (/ˈwɑːti/) is an independent French record label established in 2000 by Dawala and rap band Intouchable. Due to the popularity of its signed acts across the French-speaking world, Wati B established its own “Wati B” line of fashion apparel with the first “Wati Boutique” opened on 1 February 2011 in Paris.

Who is Dadju brother?

His half-brother is Gims, a famous solo rapper and ex-member of the successful French rap group Sexion d’Assaut, a major act under the music label Wati B. His other brothers Bedjik and Xgangs are also rappers in their own right.

When did black M leave sexion D assaut?

Sexion d’Assaut (2002–2013) Black M (far left) With La Sexion d’Assaut in 2012.

Who is Dadju’s father?

Djuna Djanana

Is Tiakola a Congolese?

Of Congolese origin, Tiakola was born on 4 December 2000 in La Courneuve and grew up there.

How old is Blackm?

37 years (December 27, 1984)
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When did Maitre GIMS join sexion D assaut?

In 2003, it became a collective as Maître Gims and JR O Crom joined in. Throughout its existence, it included about 69 rappers, but set-up changed from time to time.

Who is Maître Gims brother?


He is the brother of Dadju, member of the group The Shin Sekaï, of Bedjik, Afi (formerly Xgangs) and Djelass all three rappers.

Is Franglish a Congolese?

Gédéon Mundele Ngolo (French pronunciation: ​[ʒedeɔ̃ mundele (ɛŋ)ɡɔlo]; born 4 August 1994), better known by his stage name Franglish, is a French rapper and singer. Originating from the 20th arrondissement of Paris and is of Congolese origin, he was passionate about hip hop, rap, and French and American R&B.

Is 4gous a Congolese?

4Keus is a french rap band, from La Courneuve (93120). William Nzobazola better known by his stage name Ninho (born 2 April 1996)[1] is a French rapper of Congolese descent who has released two successful albums – M.I.L.S (Maintenant ils le savent) in 2016 and Comme prévu in 2017.