Is Cascadian Farms cereal healthy?

Is Cascadian Farms cereal healthy?

10. Cascadian Farms Hearty Morning. Hearty Morning is a bona fide fiber cereal: Made with organic whole grain oats, crisp rice, honey, and 8 grams of fiber per serving, this non-GMO cereal might seem healthy in appearance. If you’re looking for a healthy, no-sugar cereal to fuel you through your day, this isn’t it.

What is the natural flavor in Cascadian Farms cereal?

A delicious blend of organic whole grain oats, crisp rice, and sliced almonds with organic vanilla flavor. Available in 13 oz size.

Is Cascadian Farms really organic?

Percentage of the brand’s product line that is certified organic. Percentage of the parent company’s products that are certified organic. Brand’s commitment to ensuring all cereals are non-GMO….Cascadian Farm.

Company General Mills
Total Score 410

Are Cascadian Farm cereals vegan?

Cascadian Farm If you’re looking for an ever-so-cinnamony cereal that’s also vegan-friendly, look no further than Cascadian Farms. The brand offers a variety of options that are widely available.

Where is Cascadian Farms located?

Skagit Valley
Located in the Skagit Valley, about 2 hours north of Seattle, is the original farm where Cascadian Farm started. In 1972, Gene Kahn started the farm, committed to growing fruits and vegetables organically. One look at where the farm is located and I can see how he fell in love with the area.

Does Cascadian Farms use glyphosate?

Cascadian Farm Organic Harvest Berry granola bars were tested entirely free of glyphosate.

Is Cascadian Farm Fruit and Nut cereal gluten free?

Cascadian Farm Organic Granola is not Gluten-Free.

Who is Cascadian Farms owned by?

General Mills
In five of the 23 focus groups, an individual brought up the fact that Cascadian Farm is owned by General Mills.

Is Cascadian Farms glyphosate free?

Is Cascadian Farm Organic Raisin Bran cereal vegan?

Cascadian Farm Raisin Bran is vegan. Unlike most brands of Raisin Bran, it does not contain any vitamin D3 from sheep’s wool or sugar filtered with bone char.

What company owns Cascadian Farms?

Small Planet Foods
Cascadian Farm/Parent organizations

Which cereals have no glyphosate?

These 8 Cereals Are Free From Weedkiller Glyphosate, Unlike Cheerios

  • Zego Oatmeal & Muesli.
  • Grandy Oats Granola.
  • Natures Path.
  • Cascadian Farm.
  • Ambrosial Greek Granola.
  • Go Raw Granola.
  • One Degree Organic.
  • Farm to Table Oatmeal.