What resorbed means?

What resorbed means?

1 : to swallow or suck in again. 2 : to break down and assimilate the components of resorb bone. intransitive verb.

What does a person’s resolve mean?

1 : fixity of purpose : resoluteness. 2 : something that is resolved. 3 : a legal or official determination especially : a formal resolution.

What does completely resolved mean?

Resolved is defined as an agreement has been reached. An example of something resolved is when all family members have agreed who will be cooking the holiday meal. verb. 1. The definition of resolved is something that is firm or determined.

What are some examples of absorption?

Absorption is defined as the process when one thing becomes part of another thing, or the process of something soaking, either literally or figuratively. An example of absorption is soaking up spilled milk with a paper towel.

What does self resolve mean?

Self-resolution means sorting out problems by talking to the other person. It can lead to a less stressful and more positive working relationship in the tenancy.

Should be resolved meaning?

To resolve a problem, argument, or difficulty means to find a solution to it. [formal] We must find a way to resolve these problems before it’s too late. [ VERB noun] They hoped the crisis could be resolved peacefully. [

How do you ask if an issue is resolved?

What’s the best way to ask if an issue has been resolved / things have changed over time

  1. ask a completely new question and risk being closed for exact duplicate.
  2. ask a completely new question referring to the old one.
  3. edit the old question to bump it.

What is the medical definition of resorb?

Medical Definition of resorb : to break down and assimilate the components of (as bone) New bone is continually formed and existing bone continually resorbed throughout life, but peak bone mass is reached at about age 30–35. — Linda Gannon, Women & Health, 1988

What is the verb for resorption?

(third-person singular simple present resorbs, present participle resorbing, simple past and past participle resorbed) to absorb (something) again (intransitive) to undergo resorption (biology) to dissolve something (as for example bone, sinew, or suture) and assimilate it.

What is a good sentence for resorb?

Examples of resorb in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web The zoo said that scientists do not fully understand why some mammals resorb fetuses. — Aimee Ortiz, New York Times, 14 Aug. 2020 Particularly porous soils can resorb up to a foot of water a day. — Megan Molteni, WIRED, 23 Apr. 2018

What does it mean for a tooth to resorb?

: to undergo resorption Normally, as permanent teeth develop and prepare to erupt, the roots of the primary teeth over them dissolve, or resorb. — Jack Klatell et al.,