Is Chateau Elan still open?

Is Chateau Elan still open?

From humble beginnings, Chateau Elan Winery has emerged as one of the largest and most awarded wineries on the East Coast. Our North Georgia winery is open daily for guided tours and tastings, as well as one-of-a-kind private events.

Is there a dress code at Chateau Elan?

The dress code throughout the resort is resort casual, unless you are attending a formal wedding. The prices are modest by New York, Miami or LA standards, perhaps high by Georgia standards.

Can you take photos at Chateau Elan?

Photography Policy We encourage all guests to take personal photography and videography while enjoying overnight accommodations at our resort. All images and videos taken by guests are allowed free of charge, as long as the images and videos are used for personal, non-commercial purposes.

How long has Chateau Elan been open?

From its humble beginnings in 1981, Chateau Elan Winery has grown to offer more than 30 wines crafted under the direction of accomplished Italian winemaker Simone Bergese.

Who owns Chateau Elan in Georgia?

Today one of the most awarded wineries on the Southeast Coast, Château Élan in Braselton is the vision of Donald and Nancy Panoz, an ambitious, entrepreneurial couple.

How many restaurants does Chateau Elan have?

With a selection of ten on-site bars and restaurants, Chateau Elan community members have the opportunity to savor award-winning dishes prepared by exceptional culinary teams.

Can you have a picnic at Chateau Elan?

Picnic d’Chateau Surround yourself with nature and indulge in an exquisite picnic basket filled with artisanal cheeses, cured meats, sandwiches, fruits, sweets, and your choice of Chateau Elan wine. Pre-packed picnic baskets are available for ordering through our Guest Experiences department.

How long is wine tasting at Chateau Elan?

1.5-2 hours
Since our wine tasting consists of 7 pours of wine, it can really range in duration depending on your pacing. We typically recommend 45mins-1.5hrs for the tasting. For our tasting and tours, they typically last 1.5-2 hours.

Who owns Chateau Elan in GA?

Don Panoz
Don Panoz, a serial entrepreneur who helped build Georgia’s wine-making industry, launched motorsports businesses and founded the upscale Chateau Elan development in metro Atlanta’s exurbs, said earlier this year that the word retirement “isn’t in my vocabulary right now.”

What makes the Château Élan a premier meeting destination?

Château Élan makes for a premier meeting destination thanks to its four ballrooms, 12 conference rooms and tiered auditorium. The property’s grounds also include a golf course, tennis courts, a winery, and a full-service spa. According to guests, the Château Élan packs quite a punch with the amenities it provides.

What is the Chateau Elan Racquet Club?

Designed by Stan Smith, the Chateau Elan Racquet Club features three hard, two clay, and four pickleball courts, a stadium court with grandstand seating, and weekly clinics led by Tennis Pro, Michael Torres.

How many golf courses are there at the Chateau Élan?

Château Élan has two championship golf courses, each with 18 holes — the Chateau Course and the Woodlands Course. There is also a walking-only nine-hole Executive Par 3 course for guests who enjoy a shorter game. Additionally, there is night golf at the resort on the Par 3 course.