What RB should I pick up Week 9?

What RB should I pick up Week 9?

Week 9 RB Rankings

  • Najee Harris vs. CHI.
  • Austin Ekeler @PHI.
  • Alvin Kamara vs. ATL.
  • Ezekiel Elliott vs. DEN.
  • Aaron Jones @KC.
  • Jonathan Taylor vs. NYJ.
  • Darrell Henderson vs. TEN.
  • Dalvin Cook @BAL.

Who is the best running back in fantasy football?

Fantasy Football running back rankings 2022: Early expert rankings of all RB1s ranked from 1-12

  • Ezekiel Elliott 7.9.
  • Aaron Jones 8.7.
  • Nick Chubb 10.3.
  • Austin Ekeler 11.7.
  • Jonathan Taylor 11.8.
  • Najee Harris 14.4.
  • Saquon Barkley 14.6.
  • Joe Mixon 18.9.

What makes a good fantasy running back?

Factors for fantasy success: Running backs

  • PFF Signature Stat: Yards per route run. Yards per route run is simply the number of yards a player gains per snaps he went into a pattern, and it is a metric Johnson has excelled in during his brief career.
  • PFF Signature Stat: Drop rate.
  • PFF Signature Stat: Breakaway percentage.

How do the 2022 NFL playoffs rankings affect your fantasy football lineups?

The divisional round of the 2022 NFL playoffs features plenty of star power, which means they’ll be many names you recognize in the Fantasy football rankings. More stars means more reliable players for your Fantasy football lineups, but you’ll need to figure out who to prioritize.

Where does Nick Mitchell rank in fantasy football running back rankings?

The 49ers have given Mitchell at least 20 carries in his last six games, a sign of how much faith they have in their starting running back. He’s No. 2 SportsLine’s Fantasy football RB rankings for the divisional round of the NFL playoffs 2022.

Can Sportsline’s model beat human experts in fantasy football?

When it comes to ranking players, SportsLine’s model beat human experts in Fantasy football for the past several seasons especially when there were big differences in ranking. Over the course of a season, that could literally be the difference between winning your league or going home empty-handed.