What is blue dextran used for?

What is blue dextran used for?

Blue dextran has long been used as a void volume marker in chromatography. Blue dextran can also be used as a molecular marker.

What is the significance of using blue dextran in molecular exclusion chromatography?

Blue dextran: It is too large and can’t get into the beads and therefore excluded from the gel (Kd=0), and pass the column in the void volume (space between gel beads). Blue dextran is often used as a marker to measured void volume.

Is dextran a protein?

Dextran is a hydrophilic polysaccharide which is composed of α-1,6-linked d-glucopyranose (Fig. 18.7). Dextran is a biocompatible and nontoxic polysaccharide which is widely used in pharmaceutical and biomedical applications [23].

What is blue dextran molecular weight?


What type of sugar is dextran?

glucose polymers
Dextrans are glucose polymers with molecular weights ranging between 1,000–40,000,000 daltons (Da). They are produced by lactic acid bacteria from solutions that contain saccharide, but also by the dental plaque-forming species, Streptococcus mutans.

What are the clinical uses of dextran?

Dextran is a medication used in managing and treating various clinical conditions, including during hemorrhage, shock, surgical procedures, radiological imaging, antithrombotic administration, and ophthalmic relief of xerophthalmia.

What is Blue dextran used for?

Blue dextran is used in affinity chromatography, gel filtration chromatography, protein chromatography and molecular weight markers. Blue dextran has been used to study Alzheimer′s disease.

How do you elute Blue dextran?

Inject 1 ml of the blue dextran solution and elute with 2 column volumes of the molecular weight standards buffer. Measure the elution volume of blue dextran to the center of the elution peak. This is the void volume. Inject 1 ml of one of the protein standards and elute with 2 column volumes of the molecular weight standards buffer.

What is the shape of dextran?

Most of the molecules of dextran are so large and so irregular in shape that they cannot penetrate the beads at all, but there may be some of the blue dextran molecules that are smaller and elute at a volume greater than the void volume.

What is the void volume of Blue dextran?

The fraction that has the highest concentration of the Blue Dextran is known as the void volume (Vo). For example, if the 40th fraction contains the highest concentration of Blue Dextran, then the Vo is 40. We collected 1 mL for each fraction; consequently the 40th fraction would mean the Vo is 40 mL.