What is TLS 6347?

What is TLS 6347?

RFC 6347 DTLS January 2012 1. Introduction TLS [ TLS] is the most widely deployed protocol for securing network traffic. It is widely used for protecting Web traffic and for e-mail protocols such as IMAP [ IMAP] and POP [ POP ].

What are the security guarantees of the DTLS protocol?

The DTLS 1.3 protocol is intentionally based on the Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.3 protocol and provides equivalent security guarantees with the exception of order protection/non-replayability. Datagram semantics of the underlying transport are preserved by the DTLS protocol. This document obsoletes RFC 6347.

What is the default timeout for DTLS-SRTP [rfc5764]?

It is RECOMMENDED that for DTLS-SRTP [RFC5764], a default timeout of 400ms be used; because customer experience degrades with one-way latencies of greater than 200ms, real-time deployments are less likely to have long latencies.

How does retransmission affect congestion in DTLS protocols?

Note that because retransmission is for the handshake and not dataflow, the effect on congestion of shorter timeouts is smaller than in generic protocols such as TCP or QUIC. Experience with DTLS 1.2, which uses a simpler “retransmit everything on timeout” approach, has not shown serious congestion problems in practice. 5.8.3.