What is the difference between service password encryption and enable secret command?

What is the difference between service password encryption and enable secret command?

enable secret is automatically encrypted when set. Also, it sets a “password’ in-order to log into privilege exec mode. service password-encryption is a command that encrypts passwords after you reload the device or do a show run command.

What are the four types of passwords in Cisco IOS?

What are Different Types of Passwords used in Securing Cisco Router?

  • Types of passwords :
  • Console Password :
  • Aux or Auxiliary Passwords :
  • Enable Password :
  • Enable Secret Password :
  • Vty password :

What encryption does service password encryption?

A proprietary Cisco algorithm based on a Vigenere cipher (indicated by the number 7 when viewing the configuration) allows the service password-encryption command to encrypt all passwords (except the previously encrypted enable secret password) in the router configuration file.

Can we decrypt Type 5 password?

You cannot decrypt a Type 5 password. However, this article explains how to reset your password using the SolarWinds Cisco Config Uploader. Type 5 secret passwords use a one-way hash algorithm and cannot be decrypted. However, they can be reset.

Why do you use service password encryption?

In Cisco IOS there’s the service password-encryption command to encrypt all passwords in the config file to prevent unauthorized individuals from viewing them. Caution The service password-encryption command does not provide a high level of network security.

Is password password command is more secure than secret password?

The main difference between enable and enable secret is encryption. With enable, the password that you give is stored in a plain text format and is not encrypted. With enable secret password, the password is actually encrypted with MD5. In the simplest sense, enable secret is the more secure way.

Does service password encryption encrypt future passwords?

What is the password of my macOS account?

The password of your macOS user account is also known as your login password. It’s the password that you use to log in to your Mac and make certain changes, such as installing software.

How many times should I enter a password on a Mac?

If you don’t see a question mark, enter any password three times. If your Mac restarts, skip to the next section, “If you see the option to restart and show password options.”

How can I encrypt or password protect files on macOS?

Best of all, you can do this with built-in software and features that are part of macOS. This article covers five areas where you can encrypt or password protect files: The best way to prevent unauthorized access to your data is to encrypt your startup drive.

How do I reset an admin password on a Mac?

If you’re asked to select an admin user you know the password for, click “Forgot all passwords?”. If you see a Reset Password window with the option to Deactivate Mac, click Deactivate Mac, then click Deactivate to confirm. Enter your new password information, then click Next.