Who is Otto Rahn?

Who is Otto Rahn?

Otto Wilhelm Rahn (18 February 1904 – 13 March 1939) was a German writer, medievalist, Ariosophist, and an officer of the SS and researcher into the Grail myths. He was born in Michelstadt, Germany, and died in Söll ( Kufstein, Tyrol) in Austria.

Who was Rudolph Rahn?

Rudolph Rahn was Germany’s ambassador to Italy in the final days of the war. Karl Wolff at this time was head of the German military in Italy. Bernadac showed photos of Rudolph Rahn to Paul Ladame, and photos of Otto Rahn to Jeanne de Schoutheete.

Why did Otto Rahn disenchant from the SS?

otto-rahn.com Otto Rahn in the Cave of the Hermit in 1932. Despite this, Himmler was disappointed that his trophy room would remain empty. Rahn’s failure to find the cup of Christ, as well as the discovery of some gay affairs, spelled disenchantment with the SS.

Did Otto Rahn visit the Corbieres in the 1930s?

It has been suggested that Otto Rahn made a previous visit to the Corbieres in the 1930’s and this visit was also connected with the “forbidden merchandise”.