What is the best month to catch crappie in Ohio?

What is the best month to catch crappie in Ohio?

The best time of year to catch crappie is during the spawning season which takes place from February-May. During the spawn, both male and female crappie move from deep locations into shallow and concentrated spawning areas. This makes them very easy to target, as they are actively feeding and defending their nests.

Where are they catching crappie in Ohio?

The top three destination for Fish Ohio crappie are Mosquito Creek Lake (Trumbull County), Indian Lake (Logan County), and Alum Creek Lake (Delaware County).

Is it crappie season in Ohio?

Ohio Crappies by the Season That typically takes place anytime from late March through April and into early May, according to the fisheries biologist.

Are crappie spawning in Ohio?

All Ohio crappie anglers dream about the spring crappie spawn. At no other time of the year are the fish as accessible or aggressive as they are right now throughout the Buckeye State. With that philosophy in mind, here are among the most consistent crappie waters throughout the state.

How big do crappie get in Ohio?

Current Ohio Record Fish

Type Pounds Length
Catfish, Channel 37.65 41 1/2″
Catfish Shovel/Flathead 76.5 58 5/8″
Crappie, Black 4.5 18 1/8″
Crappie, White 3.90 18 1/2″

What is the best fishing in Ohio?

Some of the best fishing you can do in Ohio is on lake Erie, which is best known for its walleye and perch fishing. You can access fishing points from many towns across northern Ohio. Lake Erie is also popular for bass and steelhead fishing.

What is the best time of year to catch crappie?

The best time of the year to catch crappie depends on you, the angler. Most anglers that have basic knowledge or are considered “part timers” are going to do best in the easiest time to catch crappie. The easiest time to catch them is during their spawning period which is in April in most areas.

What are the best crappie fishing spots?

Coleto Creek Reservoir. The reservoir often supports a robust crappie population providing fast and furious action.

  • White Rock Lake. Catch rates of crappie in population surveys are some of the highest of any Texas reservoir.
  • Lake Lavon. The lake,which is noted for crappie fishing,boasts high harvest rates of quality fish.
  • Where to catch trout in Ohio?

    Brook Trout . Brook trout, Ohio’s only native wild trout, are found in the Chagrin and Rocky rivers in Medina County.