What is the meaning of Cutchery?

What is the meaning of Cutchery?

: a public office for administrative or judicial business : courthouse also : any administrative office (as of a planter)

What was Cutcherry in history?

cut•cher•ry (in India) a public administrative or judicial office. any administrative office.

What is Cutcherry powder?

Kaempferia galanga, commonly known as kencur, aromatic ginger, sand ginger, cutcherry, or resurrection lily, is a monocotyledonous plant in the ginger family, and one of four plants called galangal.

Is galangal the same as sand ginger?

RICH AROMA AND FLAVOUR: Sand ginger is also called greater galangal. Sweet and strong aroma in between cinnamon and ginger best describes sand ginger. ESSENTIAL INGREDIENT: Sand ginger is one of the most common spices used in sichuan cuisine.

What is Kencur powder?

Description. Kenchur is similar to galangal, but with a unique pungent aroma typical of Indonesian cuisine. Other Common Names. Kentchur, Kencur Botanical Name: (Kaempferia galanga)

Can I substitute ginger for galangal?

Ginger is more pungent, so you can use a bit more galangal when substituting (for instance, if the recipe calls for 1 tablespoon ginger, substitute 1 to 1¼ tablespoon galangal). Substitute grated or minced galangal for fresh ginger in equal parts and adjust to taste if you want it stronger.

Is Kencur the same as galangal?

What can I use if I don’t have galangal?

The best substitute for greater galangal is to use 1 tablespoon young, fresh ginger root with 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon fresh lemon juice. This is what you’re most likely to have on hand. You can also use 1 tablespoon fresh chopped lesser galangal (probably even harder to find than greater galangal).

Can you substitute galangal with turmeric?

galangal vs turmeric Although these two look identical, they are not in terms of taste. In comparison to galangal, turmeric is also somewhat peppery when raw, but is more earthy. If you are interested in turmeric, then click here on my top turmeric substitutes to find out more about this spice.

cutchery noun A hall used for business, political or social assemblies, such as a magistrate’s court, or a building housing public agencies, such as a Secretariat. “I walked through the ruins of the Fort of Bangalore… it is not without some degree of magnificence.

What is a Cutcherry in Lithuania?

During the day the cutcherry or office is crowded with the more respectable villagers, paying in rents and settling accounts. Cutcherry, kuch′ėr-i, n. an office for public business, a court-house. What Do “a.m.”

Where is Cutchery in Kollam?

Cutchery is under the Central Zone-II of Kollam city corporation. The headquarters of Kollam Taluk is situated at Cutchery. Historic Iron Bridge in Kollam city is situated at Cutchery. Cutchery junction is an important road junction connecting the present National Highway-66 with Downtown road and Asramam Link Road.