What is S800 I/O?

What is S800 I/O?

S800 I/O is a comprehensive, distributed and modular process I/O system that communicates with parent controllers over industry-standard fieldbus technology and therefore can be used with a wide range of process controllers from ABB and other vendors.

What is the INC (IX+d) operation in Z80?

Z80 CPU User Manual INC (IX+d) Operation (IX+d) ← (IX+d) + 1 Op Code INC Operands (IX+d) Description The contents of Index Register IX (register pair IX) are added to the two’s-complement displacement integer, d, to point to an address in memory .

What is the soperand in Z80?

Z80 CPU User Manual 155 SBC A, s Operation A ← A – s – CY Op Code SBC Operands A, s The soperand is any of r, n, (HL), (IX+d), or (lY+d)as defined for the analogous ADD instructions. These possible op code/operand combinations are assembled as follows in the object code.

What is the instruction lid (IX + 6H) in Z80?

If the C register contains byte 1Ch, and Index Register IX contains 3100h, then the instruction LID (IX + 6h), Cperforms the sum 3100h+ 6hand loads 1Chto memory location 3106h. UM008011-0816 Z80 Instruction Description Z80 CPU User Manual 83 LD (IY+d), r Operation (lY+d) ← r Op Code LD Operands (lY+d), r Description