Is Sophos XG firewall safe?

Is Sophos XG firewall safe?

XG Firewall provides robust deep packet threat protection in a single streaming engine for AV, IPS, Web, App Control and SSL inspection. Traffic which is known to be secure can be offloaded to the Xstream Network Flow FastPath.

What is captive portal in firewall?

The captive portal is a browser interface that requires users behind the firewall to authenticate when attempting to access a website. After authenticating, the user proceeds to the address or the firewall redirects the user to a specified URL.

How do I bypass MAC address in Sophos firewall?

Blocking internet access

  1. Go to Hosts and Services then MAC Host.
  2. Click Add to add a MAC host.
  3. Enter the following parameters:
  4. Click Save to add the MAC host.
  5. Navigate to Firewall, then click + Add Firewall Rule.
  6. Select User/Network Rule to add a new rule as shown in the image below.
  7. Click Save to add the rule.

What is Sophos captive portal?

A Captive Portal is used to authenticate an existing user in Sophos Firewall through a web browser interface before granting access to the Internet.

How do I block an IP address in Sophos XG firewall?

You can create a “IP Host” under “Host and Services” with a list of IP addresses you’re trying to block. From there, create a firewall rule to “Drop” anything coming from the “WAN” source zone and add the IP Host you created to the “Source Networks and Devices”.

How do I block IP address in Sophos firewall?

Blocking IP Ranges Click the + next to Network and select Network Group from the drop-down box. Give the definition a relevant name for your block group (for example, China ISPs). Enter the list of IPs or CIDR ranges that you wish to block into this list. Save the definition, save the rule, and turn on the rule.

What is captive portal URL?

A captive portal is what we call a network that requires your action before it allows you to connect to the Internet. The way most networks do this is by redirecting you to such a page. Firefox will make automatic connections to detect these redirects.

Is pfSense compatible with Sophos XG firewall?

They are competing solutions, however it is possible to use the Sophos XG Firewall for security with pfSense for other features like VPN, load balancing, etc.

Is the Sophos XG firewall worth it?

In contrast, Sophos XG Firewalls have complex licensing varying by feature and region, which may be difficult to track, but it may help keep overall costs down. Sophos XG Firewall users surface more specific complaints in complex use cases and deployments.

What is the difference between pfSense and WebGUI?

However, most users find it easier to work with the web-based GUI configurator, WebGUI. pfSense lets you micromanage and configure your firewall to match your exact needs and avoid the limitations usually imposed by commercial products. What is Sophos? Sophos offers a modern, easy-to-use, proprietary firewall product.

Is there an open source alternative to pfSense?

Sophos XG Firewall has a free “home” edition which may be useful for single branch businesses or home offices as a basic firewall on commodity hardware; this option presents a direct alternative to the open source pfSense. There are some advantages to using pfSense and Sophos XG Firewall.