What is Imperium Galactic War?

What is Imperium Galactic War?

Imperium Galactic War is a politically driven, PVP centric social MMORTS for players who wish to take part in a competitive gameplay experience. The game premise is simple; players create a character, upgrade a starbase and attack and defend against other players and computer generated opponents that enter their sector.

How do I start a war with the Imperium?

The Custodian or members of the Galactic Council can propose crisis declaration Resolutions. Crisis declaration Resolutions cost 300 to propose or repeal and will start a war between the Galactic Community or Galactic Imperium and the target using the Crisis War wargoal.

What happens to the Galactic Council when the galactic Imperium forms?

All Custodian perks will remain and in addition, the Galactic Emperor cannot be attacked by Galactic Imperium members. Empires cannot leave the Galactic Imperium. When the Galactic Imperium is formed the Galactic Council will be reformed into the Imperial Council.

How does the galactic Imperium measure its strength?

The Galactic Imperium measures its strength via Imperial Authority. Envoys can be assigned to the Galactic Imperium to raise or lower Imperial Authority by 0.1 per month each. This is done via the Galactic Imperium screen as shown in the image.

What is the difference between res publica and Res Privata?

For instance a park or garden in the city of Rome could either be ‘private property’ ( res privata ), or managed by the state, in which case it would be part of the res publica. Taking everything together that is of public interest leads to the connotation that the ‘res publica ‘ in general equals ‘the state’.

Does Res Publica refer to the Roman Empire?

So in this case, res publica does distinctly not refer to the Roman Empire, but to what is generally described as the Roman Republic. Res publica could also be used in a generic meaning, referring to “public affairs” and/or the general system of government of a state.

What is the subject of De Re Publica?

Cicero ‘s De re publica (this translates as “about the res publica”), a treatise of the 1st century BC in Socratic dialogue format, takes the res publica as its subject. The differing interpretations and translations of the title of that work are discussed in the ” De re publica ” article.