What is a cube Browser?

What is a cube Browser?

Cube Browser is a Python package that makes it quicker and easier to plot and explore your Iris cube data. The package allows you to view your data in a user-friendly interactive interface that you can customize as you require.

How do you browse data in a data cube?

Use the Browser tab of Cube Designer to browse cube data. You can use this view to examine the structure of a cube and to check data, calculation, formatting, and security of database objects. You can quickly examine a cube as end users see it in reporting tools or other client applications.

How to view ssas cube?

To do this, double-click the Analysis Services Tutorial cube in the Cubes node of Solution Explorer. Select the Browser tab, and then click the Reconnect icon on the toolbar of the designer. The left pane of the designer shows the objects in the Analysis Services Tutorial cube.

How do I run an MDX query?

Understanding the MDX Query Builder Process

  1. On the toolbar, click New Data Set and then select MDX Query to launch the New Data Set – MDX Query dialog.
  2. Enter a name for the data set.
  3. Select a data source.
  4. Launch MDX Query Builder.
  5. Select an Essbase cube for the query.

What is apex of cuboid?

The apex cuboid, or 0-D cuboid, refers to the case where the group-by is empty. It contains the total sum of all sales. The base cuboid is the least generalized (most specific) of the cuboids. The apex cuboid is the most generalized (least specific) of the cuboids, and is often denoted as all.

What is attribute in cube?

Cube attributes provide information about the purpose of cubes. An example of a cube attribute is the CUBE_TYPE attribute. This attribute is used to indicate that a cube is a metrics cube. The value is METRICS.

What does an OLAP cube look like?

An OLAP Cube is a data structure that allows fast analysis of data according to the multiple Dimensions that define a business problem. A multidimensional cube for reporting sales might be, for example, composed of 7 Dimensions: Salesperson, Sales Amount, Region, Product, Region, Month, Year.

What is a cube in data warehouse?

A cube is an array of data understood in terms of its 0 or more dimensions. That web-based app should support: Show activity on this post. I have used and recommend Saiku. It is a Pentaho plugin, you have to install it from Marketplace after you have installed and launched the Pentaho BI server.

What is a cube on MS SQL Server?

I have cube on MS SQL Server and I want to install a web based visual client tool for exploring and analyzing OLAP databases. A cube is an array of data understood in terms of its 0 or more dimensions. That web-based app should support: Show activity on this post.

Is there a web version of Pentaho cube analyzer?

It has web console to touch it with web browser, but the tools are windows application. The other thing I have found is Pentaho has its own Cube Designer and you should design your Cube with that in order to analyze it in data analyzer web application. Show activity on this post.

What is the best web based OLAP browser for 2019?

Best web based OLAP browser and much more is our product ‘Kyubit Business Intelligence’. You’re gonna love it on first sight. Show activity on this post. As for 2019 there are several new alternatives in addition to the already mentioned in prev answers: