Who owns longrain Melbourne?

Who owns longrain Melbourne?

restaurateur Scott Pickett
Chef and restaurateur Scott Pickett has acquired iconic Melbourne restaurant Longrain. The venue, previously owned and operated by Lisa and John Van Haandel, announced its closure in May after 15 years in operation.

Who owns Longrain Sydney?

Owner Sam Christie
Owner Sam Christie is proud of Longrain’s impact – which has spawned successful Melbourne and Tokyo offshoots that will stay open – but has decided not to renew its lease. While Longrain’s legacy is set, Christie’s memories steer towards its more testing moments, like the night a bikie gang decided to pop in.

Who is the chef of Longrain?

Chef-restaurateur Scott Pickett has given Lisa and John Van Haandel’s popular Thai-inspired stalwart Longrain a second lease on life, announcing that he is taking over the 15-year-old restaurant and will reopen it in just three weeks.

What restaurants does Scott Pickett have?

A favourite on the Melbourne food scene, the Australian Good Food Guide has awarded most of Scott’s ventures with one and two chef hats. His award-winning Melbourne restaurants Estelle, Matilda 159 Domain, Lupo, Pastore and Pickett’s Deli & Rotisserie embody his generosity of spirit, values and craft.

Why did longrain close?

The Sydney restaurant, which has outposts in Melbourne and Tokyo, cited the end of its lease as a catalyst for Longrain to explore “new opportunities”. “With almost 20 years of trade under its belt, Christie says Longrain’s end of lease signals a new beginning,” the restaurant announced on Instagram.

Who started Longrain Melbourne?

Sam Chtistie opened the ground-breaking Thai Restaurant Longrain in August 1999, with Chef Martin Boetz in the kitchen.

Is Scott Pickett Australian?

Growing up on a farm in Kangarilla, South Australia influenced Pickett’s passion for good produce, and his years working in top international restaurants honed his skills to become the successful chef and restaurateur he is today.

Who is Scott Pickett?

Scott Pickett is an award-winning chef, author and television presenter. Known as “the meat man”, Scott was the executive chef at one of Australia’s most credited steak restaurants, The Point Restaurant in Melbourne’s Albert Park, for more than five years.

When did longrain close?

30 June
After almost 20 years of Caipiroskas and betel-leaf miangs, Sydney’s Longrain is closing. It will hold its final service on 30 June. Sydney was a very different dining scene when Longrain, founded by restaurateur Sam Christie and chef Martin Boetz, opened in 1999.

Is longrain closed?

The seminal Sydney restaurant is closing after almost two decades – but this is not the end. It spawned offshoots in Melbourne and Tokyo, and those will remain, with Christie saying in a statement that he’s currently looking for a new, smaller venue elsewhere in Sydney. …

What restaurants does Scott Pickett own?

While most of chef-restaurateur Scott Pickett’s venues reopened again in between lockdowns – he even launched new ventures Longrain, Chancery Lane and Le Shoppe – the iron gates to his Collingwood spot have remained closed.

Why did Longrain close?