What happens when you file an IG complaint?

What happens when you file an IG complaint?

The complaints resolution process begins when a complaint is received by the IG. If possible, the IG will acknowledge receipt of the complaint at that time. If the complaint was received via fax, e-mail, or mail, the IG is required to confirm receipt (in writing, by telephone, or in person) within 5 duty days.

Who can make an IG complaint?

Anyone, including civilians with no Air Force affiliation, may file Fraud, Waste, and Abuse (FWA) complaints. Depending on the circumstances, the IG may also accept complaints from dependents or relatives of active duty members and retirees and their dependents.

What is a Navy IG complaint?

Any Navy military or civilian member may file an IG complaint. Anyone, including civilians with no Navy affiliation, may file complaints with the IG regarding fraud, waste, mismanagement, or reprisal.

How do I complain to the Inspector General?

Another source for complaints is the OIG Hotline: 1 – 888-863-2244 or (202) 418-0473. Aspects of an investigation include: Analysis of Complaint/Allegation. Investigative Process.

Are IG complaints confidential?

Note: We will make every effort to protect your identity from disclosure; however, we cannot guarantee confidentiality since disclosure may be required during an investigation or in the course of corrective action.

When should I submit a complaint to Instagram?

Answer: Generally, you should submit your complaint immediately. No Inspector General action is required when a complaint is submitted more than 90 days after the alleged wrongdoing occurred. However, we will consider complaints beyond that date if it is within the interest of the United States Marine Corps to do so.

Can contractors file IG complaints?

A defense contractor/subcontractor employee who believes that he or she has been subjected to a reprisal prohibited by Title 10, United States Code, Section 2409, may submit a complaint to the Inspector General of the Department of Defense.

What happens during an IG investigation?

A: OIG investigates a variety of matters, including allegations of fraud involving Commerce Department grants and contracts; improprieties in the administration of Department programs and operations; allegations of employee misconduct; and other issues concerning ethics and compliance received through OIG’s hotline.

How do I file a complaint against the military?

Complaints of fraud, waste and abuse in the Department of Defense or any military service can be reported separately through a hotline that has been set up. Complaints can be called in Monday through Friday, 8am to 4pm EST, at 1-800-424-9098. You can also email your complaint.

How do I report Navy misconduct?

Report criminal matters to Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS), base or local police. Call your local NCIS office or the NCIS Fraud Hotline number at 1-800-264-6485 to report any suspicious activity.

How can I report corruption anonymously?

You can contact your nearest Anti-Corruption official in person or through telephone or even email. More information can be obtained even on phone through the Toll Free numbers: 1800 233 44444 or 1064. The complaint can be filed with the Deputy Superindendent of Police or Inspector of Police.

What is the DoD Hotline?

To verify authenticity of the DoD Hotline staff, you may call the DoD Hotline at 800-424-9098 to verify the call was official. Anyone may file a complaint with the DoD Hotline. Our online complaint forms (below) are the most efficient means to file a complaint.

What is procedure for handling of customer complaints?

Procedure for Handling of Customer Complaints. 1. SCOPE The scope of this procedure is applicable to all customer orders and customer related processes. 2. PURPOSE To define the methods for documenting and resolving customer complaints/concerns and to ensure that customer complaint is handled effectively. 3. REFERENCE DOCUMENTS

How do I file a complaint against HHS?

We accept complaints about fraud, waste and abuse in Medicare, Medicaid and other HHS programs and from HHS employees, grantees and contractors who are reporting wrongdoing at HHS and its programs (whistleblowers) for the first time. For instructions on filing a tip on a CLASSIFIED matter, call 1-800-447-8477.

How do I file a complaint with OPM?

If your allegation or complaint is not related to fraud, waste, abuse, or gross mismanagement, we encourage you to please contact OPM at 202-606-1800 or visit /about-us/contact-us/ for contact information for other OPM offices.

Can I submit my complaint via the Internet?

By using this form to submit your complaint via the internet, you acknowledge that your privacy is not guaranteed and that you are doing so at your own risk. If you are not comfortable submitting your complaint through the internet, we recommend that you submit your complaint by letter or telephone.