What does broke mean in slang?

What does broke mean in slang?

out of money
The term broke has been slang for being “out of money” since the 17th century.

What does it mean to broke something?

verb (used with object), broke or (Archaic) brake; bro·ken or (Archaic) broke; break·ing. to smash, split, or divide into parts violently; reduce to pieces or fragments: He broke a vase.

What does the idiom down and out mean?

Definition of down-and-out 1 : destitute, impoverished. 2 : physically weakened or incapacitated.

Does broke mean no money?

If you are broke, you have no money. [informal]

What can I say instead of broke?


  • bankrupt.
  • destitute.
  • insolvent.
  • penniless.
  • beggared.
  • bust.
  • impoverished.
  • ruined.

What is the meaning of break break?

1 : to separate into parts especially suddenly or forcibly break a stick break into groups. 2 : to cause (a bone) to separate into two or more pieces. 3 : to stop working or cause to stop working because of damage or wear I broke my watch. 4 : to fail to keep broke the law break a promise.

What does form break mean?

: to stop being or moving together in an organized group The planes broke formation and took off in different directions.

What is the meaning of wore a poker face?

Definition of poker face : an inscrutable face that reveals no hint of a person’s thoughts or feelings Wright has a terrific poker face—I could see how he was able to keep things a secret right up through publication.—

Why do people say I’m broke?

This is a literal meaning of the word ‘broke’ in a dictionary. It means a person has absolutely no money. But people use the word colloquially(slang) to exaggerate(make it sound worse). A person might say they are broke just to exaggerate that they have only a little money.

Does broke mean broken?

(Broke as an adjective means “without money.”) The toy is BROKEN. Remember: An adjective modifies a person, place or thing (noun). The adjective “broke” means poor/without money, and the adjective “broken” means damaged.