Was Cyclone Tracy the worst cyclone in Australia?

Was Cyclone Tracy the worst cyclone in Australia?

Christmas Day Darwin, indeed the whole of Northern Australia, is no stranger to cyclones. However, Cyclone Tracy, which hit Darwin in the small hours of Christmas Day 1974, was among the most destructive ever recorded in Australia. total damage bill topped $800 million (a colossal sum in 1974).

Was Cyclone Tracy bad?

Tracy killed 71 people, caused A$837 million in damage (1974 dollars), or approximately A$7.2 billion (2022 dollars), or US$5.2 billion (2022 dollars). It destroyed more than 70 percent of Darwin’s buildings, including 80 percent of houses.

Why was Cyclone Tracy called Tracy?

Cyclone Tracy has been described as the most significant tropical cyclone in Australia’s history and it changed how we viewed the threat of tropical cyclones to northern Australia. The following day the Tropical Cyclone Warning Centre in Darwin issued a warning that a cyclone had formed and gave it the name Tracy.

How long did Cyclone Tracy last?

December 21, 1974 – December 26, 1974
Cyclone Tracy/Dates

What cyclone caused the most damage?

The record of the costliest tropical cyclone in the Atlantic is held jointly by hurricanes Katrina and Harvey, both of which resulted in approximately $125 billion in property damage during the year they occurred. These storms are also the costliest tropical cyclones recorded worldwide.

How are cyclones named?

Generally, tropical Cyclones are named, according to regional rules. For example, in the Atlantic and the Southern hemisphere which includes the Indian Ocean and South Pacific, names are given in alphabetical order or it is based on the names of men and women which are alternated.

When did Cyclone Tracy dissipate?

December 26, 1974
Cyclone Tracy/Dissipated

What was so unusual about Cyclone Tracy?

Tracy is the most compact cyclone or equivalent-strength hurricane on record in the Australian basin and Southern Hemisphere, with gale-force winds extending only 48 kilometres (30 mi) from the centre, and was also the smallest tropical cyclone worldwide until 2008, when Tropical Storm Marco of the 2008 Atlantic …

What damage did Cyclone Tracy cause?

Cyclone Tracy killed 71 people and caused A$837 million in damage (equivalent to around A$4.45 billion in 2014 value). Approximately 30,000 of Darwin’s residents were evacuated, mostly to Adelaide and Sydney, and many never returned to the city.

What category was Tracy?

Category 3 Hurricane (SSHWS)
Category 4 Severe Tropical Cyclone (BOM)
Cyclone Tracy/Category

Why do Cyclones have eyes?

However, in stronger storms, some of the air flows in toward the center of the storm and begins to sink toward the ocean surface. When air sinks, it warms, leading to the evaporation (drying out) of clouds. This leaves a large cloud free area in the mid-upper portions of the middle – the proverbial “eye”.

What type of Storm is Cyclone Tracy?

Cyclone Tracy was a tropical cyclone that devastated the city of Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia from 24 to 26 December 1974. The small, developing easterly storm had been observed passing clear of the city initially, but then turned towards it early on 24 December.

Was Cyclone Tracy the most destructive ever recorded in Australia?

However, Cyclone Tracy, which hit Darwin in the small hours of Christmas Day 1974, was among the most destructive ever recorded in Australia. Its vital statistics make for frightening reading:

What happened when Cyclone Tracy hit Darwin in 1974?