How do you fall on telemark skis?

How do you fall on telemark skis?

Keep things in an upright, athletic, compact stance, and keep your hands out in front of you, down the fall line. Get into your telemark stance in one motion. Don’t push your uphill foot back and then drop your front knee. Focus on moving your feet at the same time like a pair of scissors.

Why do ski Tourings have adjustable poles?

These tend to cost around X for the carbon shafted models. Adjustable aluminum touring poles are a strong, reliable, and affordable option for skiers of any ability. The adjustable aluminum poles are not super lightweight but are made for touring, so you can be sure they are not going to be too heavy.

How hard is it to learn to telemark ski?

Telemark skiing is not hard. Or at least, not any harder than skiing to learn. The challenge is more toward technique. Telemark skiing is actually easier on the body in your first few days.

Can you carve on telemark skis?

First up: it’s carving, it’s an awesome feeling setting the skis on edge and letting them take you round the arc. Telemark skiers can get just as much out their skis as our alpine brothers, it’s just a bit more technical. The key to a carved turn is minimising your movements, less is definitely more.

How do you choose ski poles?

The traditional method of choosing the correct length ski poles is to turn the ski poles upside down and hold them underneath the basket. In this position, your arms should be at a 90 degree angle when your upper arms are at your sides. Some skiers may prefer to use longer or shorter poles.

Is Telemark skiing bad for knees?

Telemark skiing poses unique risks when compared to alpine skiing, because of different equipment, technique, and varied skiing environments. The knee injuries sustained by telemark skiers appear to be less severe than alpine skiers, with less duration of disability and lower surgical rates.