Does Westlake own DealerCenter?

Does Westlake own DealerCenter?

DealerCenter is operated by Nowcom Corporation, Westlake’s sister company under the Hankey Investment Group umbrella. DealerCenter is the business portal that houses Westlake’s proprietary Buy Program® software as part of a full-fledged online DMS solution.

What is DMS automotive industry?

A Dealer Management System (DMS) is software that equips auto dealers with a suite of powerful tools. Get real-time insights, automate tasks, and turn data into profitable growth, all on a single platform built especially for auto dealerships.

Who owns Western funding?

Westlake Financial
Western Funding and its parent company, Westlake Financial, are members of the Hankey Group of Companies along with sister companies and subsidiaries such as: Westlake Portfolio Management, Westlake Flooring, Westlake Capital Finance, Wilshire Consumer Credit, and DealerCenter creator and IT leader, Nowcom.

How do I use Westlake Financial?

How Does It Work?

  1. Enter your Information to Get Pre-Qualified. Input your name, date of birth, contact information, address, and employment status.
  2. Search for your Dream Car. Find vehicles that fit your budget and price range.
  3. Get Financing Terms and Drive Off the Dealer Lot.

What is DMS Retail?

Distribution Management Systems (DMS) are software applications that manage the core front office business activities from sales order processing, purchasing, and inventory management through to financial accounting.

What is DMS CRM?

The DMS manages inventory and deals and the CRM manages your customer database. Dealer Management System (DMS) The DMS is a sales management system specifically designed for the automotive industry.

Is Western funding the same as Westlake Financial?

Western Funding is a subsidiary of Westlake Financial, the largest privately held finance company in the United States with demonstrated growth year over year. Our program both supplements and complements the full spectrum lending offering of our parent company.

Does Westlake finance old cars?

Westlake Financial now offers financing on classic cars with flexible terms and low rates so you can help your customers get their dream car! If you are a classic car dealership, know that Westlake Financial can help support you by providing you with the flexibility to finance your inventory to interested customers.

Can I skip a payment with Westlake Financial?

An extension arrangement is available to customers experiencing temporary, financial hardship to defer one or more installment payments to the end of the contract term. Please contact customer service at (888) 739-9192 to see if you qualify.

What is DMS consultant?

DMS IT Consulting is a niche technology player with its technology product and services offering. Services offered are around the latest technologies like RPA, AI-ML, custom development, and technology resourcing.

What is DMS supply chain?

Distributor Management Systems (DMS) are now a fundamental component in any consumer goods company’s route-to-market. They help manage the supply chain between Manufacturers and a myriad of Distributors by aligning retail activities, trade promotions, inventory, invoicing, claims, competitive insights and much more.

What can dealercenter do for You?

Submit credit application and receive lender decisions using RouteOne and Dealertrack finance sources directly within DealerCenter. Instant decisions with Westlake Financial Services and Western Funding 24/7. Unlimited eFax credit applications to any lender. Manage add-ons, fee’s and back-end points with ease.

How much does it cost to use dealercenter?

Select a Pre Bundle or Build Your Own Bundle. *** There is a $25 monthly minimum for DealerCenter accounts with credit bureaus services. † For bureau access, there is a $20/month subcode fee on Equifax and $14.45/month subcode fee on TransUnion.

How do I create my dealercenter userid (s)?

The Dealer Principal and Primary Contact will receive an email with instructions to create their DealerCenter UserID (s). These will automatically have full Administrator permissions in DealerCenter. Note that UserIDs belong to individual users and must not be shared.

What is econtracting in dealercenter?

Westlake Financial and Western Funding offer eContracting in DealerCenter, which means paperwork you’d normally have to print and send to your lender can now be quickly and securely eSigned – and instantly received by the lender. This opens in a new window. Starting an eContracting session on a deal: 0:25