Does PSG Tech have uniform?

Does PSG Tech have uniform?

Dressing of students of Psg College of Technology and senior students of Polytechnic College should be formal. Boys should wear formal shirts and full pants. girls should wear salwar kameez / chudidhar with dhupatta / saree. The first year students of Psg Polytechnic College should wear the prescribed uniform.

Is ECE Good in CIT Coimbatore?

Placements: Placements in the college were good for my senior batch, and many of them got placed in good companies. The highest salary package offered this year was 38 LPA and the average salary package offered was 6 LPA. Infrastructure: Infrastructure is the only drawback of our college.

Is there ragging in PSG College?

Ragging in all its forms is banned as it is treated as a cognizable offence.

Is phone allowed in PSG Itech?

5.16 Usage of cell phones is not permitted during study hours from 8:30 pm to10. 00 am.

Is ECE engineering tough?

ECE is actually one of the toughest branch in engineering but it depends on you whether it is hard or easy to study. So if you are really interested in Electronics and communication then it will be easy for you to study. But if you are not interested then the harder subjects of ECE will be a nightmare to you.

What is the cutoff for PSG College of Technology?

The opening cutoff of the B. Tech Biotechnology is 230 and closing cutoff is 3111 in TNEA entrance exam for the course B. Tech Biotechnology in PSG, college of technology.

How is ECE at PSG College of Technology Coimbatore?

Welcome to the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore Started in 1968, ECE is one of the most sought after departments at PSG Tech, a college ranked among the top 20 in the country.

Why study electronics and Communication Engineering at PSG?

Welcome to the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, PSG Institute of Technology and Applied Research (PSG iTech). The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering strives to produce top-notch engineers with global competence for industry, research and academia.

Why choose PSG College of Technology?

Evolve innovative applications of Technology. PSG College of Technology, an ISO 9001:2015 certified institution is one of the foremost institutions founded by the PSG & Sons’ Charities Trust (1926). Provide world-class Engineering Education, Foster Research and Development. Evolve innovative applications of Technology.

How many students are there in a PSG team?

Teams from PSG College of Technology, CEG, MIT, GCT, Thiagarajar College of Engineering, and St.Xavier’s Catholic College of Engineering (Nagercoil) participated in the event. Each college has two teams (A and B) consisting of six students each.