Can you inflate Hedstrom balls?

Can you inflate Hedstrom balls?

My playball has lost some air, can I add air to it? Yes, all our playballs have re-inflatable valves and you can inflate them just like a basketball.

How do you inflate hopper balls?

How do I inflate my product? #1 Take out the white plug that is inside the ball now. #2 Insert the tip of the pump in the hole and inflate to the desired size. #3 Once fully inflated, remove the pump and place your finger over the hole so the air doesn’t go out.

What are Hedstrom balls made of?

History. Eagle Rubber start in a small garage with a handful of employees to manufacture toy balloons. Rubber equipment is added and a new line of rubber and sponge rubber play balls are introduced to the market. Eagle Rubber is purchased by Kenton R Cravens and John Sweeney.

How do you inflate a Hedstrom hopper?

You must pull out the white plug, then pump or blow it up, then replace the white plug.

Is Hedstrom still in business?

The corporation in 2004 declared bankruptcy and closed its facilities before former employees and investors purchased the company. Local investors bought Hedstrom’s local assets and name, under a new company, Ball, Bounce & Sport Inc.

What does Hedstrom make?

Headquartered in Ashland, Ohio; Hedstrom is a leading rotational molder plastic manufacturer with more than 35 years of experience with the rotational molding process.

Why choose Hedstrom’s Hopper ball?

Hop, Bounce, and Fun! Hedstrom’s Hopper Ball will be one of your child’s favorite toys! Watch them bounce and hop all around the house and yard. This Hopper Ball is a great source of FUN exercise for children, developing key cognitive skills for their future.

Why choose Hedstrom products?

Not only have we conquered the popular play ball market, Hedstrom has expanded into the sensory, snow, water and sporting good lines. Our products bring popular licenses to life, engage children’s senses and get kids off the couch to start having Unplugged Fun!

What is a hopper ball?

This Hopper Ball is a great source of FUN exercise for children, developing key cognitive skills for their future. This Hopper Ball has an easy grip and grab handle, providing safe, exciting and unplugged fun!

How do you inflate a hopper ball?

HOP-UP HOPPER BALL INFLATION INSTRUCTIONS. 1. Remove the hopper ball from the packaging. Lay hopper ball out flat and allow it to come to room temperature before inflating. 2. Using the chart below, determine the correct inflation size. WARNING: DO NOT INFLATE YOUR HOPPER BALL IF THE TEMPERATURE IS BELOW 65°F / 18°C or ABOVE 90°F / 32°C.