Are Vega helmets Snell approved?

Are Vega helmets Snell approved?


Is a Snell helmet better than dot?

Snell certification involves more rigorous and more extensive testing which would suggest it is the better motorcycle helmet standard. ECE certification is the most up-to-date current standard and it is recognized in most countries. The ECE testing and overall requirements are more rigorous than DOT testing.

How do I know if my helmet is Snell approved?

First, look for a Snell certified full-face or open-face helmet. There should be a Snell sticker with a barcode inside every Snell certified helmet. When in doubt, check out the helmet name on the Snell certified helmets list.

Is Vega a good helmet?

VEGA helmets are superior quality products that are available in an economical budget-range and the riders can definitely find full satisfaction with their safety helmets in a rally racing sport.

Are Snell 2020 helmets available?

Snell SA-rated helmets are NEVER available before the year of the SA standard. To ensure a level playing field, Snell does not allow sales of the new helmets until the fall of the year of the SA standard. Sales of SA2020 helmets will not begin until October 2020.

Why choose Vega helmets?

Check out our catalog! Vega Helmets was established in 1994 with the goal of offering a quality motorcycle/ATV/UTV and snowmobile helmet with the most wanted features at a reasonable price. Part of having a quality product is operating our own factory in Ningbo China. We control the quality and safety of everything that goes into our helmets.

What’s new at Vega?

As we enter our 27th year, the excitement is building here at VEGA as we prepare to unveil our all new line of helmets, Full face, Modular, off road helmets, and a full line of kids helmets, Its all being retooled, We cannot wait to show you VERY soon!

How are new helmets tested?

New helmets are continuously tested during the design process, and results are confirmed by internationally known independent testing labs. Every batch of helmets is also randomly tested before leaving the factory to ensure that each batch meets the standards specified for that model.