What influenced Rosalie Gascoigne?

What influenced Rosalie Gascoigne?

Inspired by the harsh rural landscape surrounding Canberra, her home of more than fifty years, she often foraged for materials throughout its parched terrain.

What media did Rosalie Gascoigne use?

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What is Rosalie Gascoigne known for?

Gascoigne is best known for her distinctive and poetic assemblages of found materials: wood, iron, wire, feathers, enamelware and bright yellow retro-reflective road signs, which flash and glow in the light.

What materials does Rosalie Gascoigne use?

Rosalie Gascoigne used both natural (grass, bones, feathers, shells) and man-made materials in her assemblages and installations.

How was Rosalie Gascoigne metropolis made?

They are made from soft-drink crates – weathered by the sun, rain, wind and time – dismantled, sawn into strips and reassembled. Gascoigne reached meteoric heights in her career which spanned over two decades until her death in 1999 at the age of eighty-two.

Where did Rosalie Gascoigne find her materials?

She discovered a natural talent for creating assemblages through the ensuing 17 years spent in relative isolation on the stony terrain of Mount Stromlo, home to Stromlo Observatory, and the wheat belt of Monaro near Canberra, a landscape she designated as the crucible from which her art emerged.

Where did Rosalie Gascoigne study?

The University of Auckland
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When did Rosalie Gascoigne move to Australia?

Born in New Zealand, Gascoigne graduated from Auckland University in 1937 and worked as a teacher before moving to Australia in 1943 following her marriage to astronomer Ben Gascoigne.

What type of artist is John Wolseley?

John Wolseley is one of Australia’s most important artists. His work in watercolour, drawing, printmaking and installation over the last 40 years has been a meditation on how the earth is a dynamic system of which we are all a part of.

Who is Jacqueline scotcher?

Jacqueline Scotcher is a visual artist who investigates themes of landscape, place and movement. How walking receptively through natural landscapes can be evoked through abstract painting and how this duality works to enrich emplacement via sensuous means, drives Jacqueline’s practice.

How does John Wolseley use watercolour?

Wolseley used a range of media to draw, paint, print, smudge, abrade and scratch to create the complex final image. He spoke of only using colours with good lightfastness qualities, which are less prone to fading. Much of the image is watercolour, including some pearlescent and luminescent colours.

What makes Rosalie Gascoigne’s art unique?

Many of Rosalie Gascoigne’s artworks are centred on her surroundings and the experiences and emotions associated with them. She often uses materials (eg.

When did Rosalie Gascoigne die?

Rosalie Gascoigne. Rosalie Gascoigne AM (25 January 1917 – 23 October 1999) was a New Zealand-born Australian sculptor.

What inspired Jean Gascoigne’s work?

While a number of Gascoigne’s early assemblages are embedded with similar art historical narratives, the poetic landscape remained a constant theme in her practice, particularly that inspired by the Monaro region, as later expressed by the artist in 1997: My country is the eastern seaboard. Lake George and the Highlands.

How old was Marie Gascoigne when she started art?

Gascoigne had no formal art training, often asserting that her 50-year apprenticeship was in looking. She began exhibiting in 1974 at the age of 57.