Are loop rods good?

Are loop rods good?

The Loop Q is a very nice 8-weight rod. If it weren’t for the longer distance performance, the Q would have been one of my favorite rods in the Shootout. If you are looking for an inexpensive streamer rod, the Q is a winner. The Q has a nice soft tip, making it a pleasure to cast at 35 and 60 feet.

Are loop reels good?

Loop uses great drags in its reels and this one is the same as the others. It’s smooth and consistent and strong enough to stop almost anything and the direction can be changed by flipping over a washer and reassembling. It’s an impressive looking reel and it’s really capable and well made.

Where are loop reels made?

Loop reels are made in Korea, the Danielsson reels are not.

Does Orvis make a switch rod?

The Mission rods from Orvis are well-designed Spey and Switch rods made for anglers who prefer versatility and all water performance. If you’re in the market for a new Spey rod, whether you’re a beginner or an expert, these rods are some of the smoothest on the market. …

Are loop Q series rods any good?

Loop Q Series fly rod review The Loop Q Series fly rod range includes a broad range of single and double handed rods. They are well made, look good and cast well, yet have a price tag that represents great value for money. They’re a good choice if you’re after a decent mid-range fly rod.

Are loop cross fly rods good for beginners?

These Loop Cross fly rods are such a delight to cast, and I highly recommend them for both for the beginner as well as the advanced fly fisherman. Since this series of Loop rods is extremely accommodating for beginner to intermediate casters, I also do not doubt these will make tremendous boat rods for clients of all levels next season.

How good is the loop Q 6wt?

I’ve been using the Loop Q 6wt fly rod, which is said to have a medium fast action. It feels light in the hand and slightly crisp but the medium fast label is a true reflection of its action. It’s not as fast as the Cross SX nor the Evotec, so those used to faster rods will need to slow their stroke down a fraction to get the best from the rod.

What is the weight range for LoopLoop rods?

Loop Cross series rods are built from 3 weight up to 6 weight in standard lengths, and the series includes 7 weights and 9 weights in nine-foot, six inch models, Switch rods in both 6 and 7 weights, and a Saltwater Series in 8, 10 and 12 weights.