Are lacrosse goalie gloves different?

Are lacrosse goalie gloves different?

The biggest difference between goalie gloves and regular field player gloves are the amount of protection for the thumbs. Goalie gloves come with an extra layer of padding which helps to absorb the hard shots. They provide more protection and help soften the blow of the shots that may hit you in the thumb and hand.

Do lacrosse goalies wear gloves?

Nowadays each lacrosse equipment maker produces a glove that is specific for goalies. These special lacrosse goalie gloves offer far more protection to the hand and especially the thumb than the normal attack/middie/defense gloves.

How do you measure goalie gloves for lacrosse?

Your fingertips should just touch the end of the glove but still be underneath the padding. If there is a large gap between your fingertip and the end of the glove, the glove is too big. The glove is also considered to be too small if the bottom of the players palm is not covered by the palm material.

How do I pick the right goalie gloves?


  1. Use a tape measure to find the circumference of the widest part of your hand in inches, and don’t include your fingers in the measurement.
  2. Round this number up to the closest whole inch.
  3. Add 1 inch to the rounded number, and you’ll have your soccer goalie glove size.

What are good lacrosse gloves?

Level Up With The Best Lacrosse Glove

  • 1 Epoch iD Lacrosse Gloves – Best Lacrosse Glove Overall.
  • 2 Brine King Superlight Lacrosse Gloves – Runner-Up.
  • 3 STX Lacrosse Cell 4 Men’s Lacrosse Gloves – Honorable Mention.
  • 4 Hummingbird Sports Girls Lacrosse Gloves – Also Consider.

What size is a 12 inch lacrosse glove?

How To Size Lacrosse Gloves?

SM (10″) 6.5″ 46-54″
MD (12″) 7″ 54-58″
LG (13″) 7.5″ 60-65″
XL (14″) 7.75″+ 66″ +

Do lacrosse goalies wear mouthguards?

Every player on the field must wear a mouthguard. Lacrosse goalies must also wear a chest protector. They are designed to offer protection for your chest, ribs, stomach and shoulders, while still allowing full range of motion. In addition, a goalie’s gloves are different than what other players wear on the field.

What size lacrosse gloves do I get?

What are the most durable goalie gloves?

Top 10 Best Goalkeeper Gloves for 2021

  1. Reusch Pure Contact 3 G3. Compare Prices >
  2. adidas Predator 20 Pro. Compare Prices >
  3. Uhlsport Pure Alliance Supergrip+ Compare Prices >
  4. Reusch Attrakt G3 Fusion. Compare Prices >
  5. Uhlsport Radar Control Supergrip.
  6. Reusch Fit Control G3 Fusion.
  7. Puma One Grip 1 Hybrid.
  8. Nike Vapor Grip3.

Why are lacrosse gloves so expensive?

Some handles are made by materials that make them more expensive than others. Lacrosse defenders have longer handles than offensive players that make them more expensive. That’s why all lacrosse players wear gloves. Gloves are a head scratcher – some are extremely cheap while others are expensive.

What are the best lacrosse gloves?

1. Brine King Superlight 2 Lacrosse Glove. Brine King’s lineup of gloves have been a popular option for years, so it’s no surprise that we crossed paths with several pairs. The Brine King Superlight 2 gloves are our top choice for the best lacrosse gloves, and it’s only partially due to their durability.

How can you wash lacrosse gloves?

Fill your sink with warm (not hot) water. Add roughly one-half cup of a mild detergent. You can add more if your lacrosse gloves are very dirty and less if you’re simply trying to remove odors. Soak your lacrosse gloves in the sink for 10 to 15 minutes. Pull the lacrosse gloves out of the sink.

What are goalie gloves made out of?

Palms of goalie gloves are made from various grades of latex, a natural substance derived from the rubber tree that give goalie gloves a tacky grip. Many goalkeeper gloves are made from a synthetic resin called polyurethane (PU), and leather-like materials.

How long is a lacrosse goalie shaft?

Shaft Length. NCAA rules require that men’s lacrosse sticks (including the head) be from 40 to 42 inches long for offensive players, 52 to 72 inches long for defensive players and 40 to 72 inches long for goalies. For women, the sticks can be 35.5 to 43.25 inches long.