What is the lifespan of a Trill symbiont?

What is the lifespan of a Trill symbiont?

Through the experience gained from multiple hosts, many symbionts gained distinguished reputations from other species as Trill. They were long-lived compared to most humanoid species, and could easily live beyond 550 years.

Where is the Trill Homeworld?

The formal name of the Trills’ home world, only 37 hours from Deep Space Nine aboard the Defiant.

What is the name of the Trill Homeworld?

421) identified the Trill homeworld as Trillius Prime and that it was governed by the Trill Symbiosis, admitted into the Federation in 2285. As of 2370, the planet was populated by 650 million Trill and 11 million symbionts, though the existence of symbionts was not widely known prior to 2367.

Do Trill symbionts have gender?

But it seems reasonably clear that they do not have genders—meaning distinct social characteristics relating to reproductive roles—or at least that, if they do, the symbiont’s gender has no effect on a joined Trill’s gender identity.

Can a human host a Trill symbiont?

Humans Are Not Traditionally Compatible With Trill Symbionts “The Host” reveals Trill symbionts can indeed bond with humans, but it’s hardly a pleasant experience. In “The Host,” viewers were introduced to the Trill diplomat Odan, who was critically injured during an attack on a shuttlecraft.

Who is Admiral tal?

Adira Tal was a non-binary Human who lived on the planet Earth and later the USS Discovery during the late 32nd century. Adira preferred to be addressed by the pronouns “they” or “them”.

Why do Trill have spots?

These individuals, known as “joined” Trill, operated as one being with the symbiont, sharing a consciousness that was a synthesis of both their personalities, memories, and skills. These spots began on the Trill’s forehead and continued down their neck and the rest of their body.

What is a Trill symbiont?

Trill symbionts are one of the lifeforms native to the planet Trill and comprise part of the combined consciousness of a joined Trill. The symbiont does not have any extrasensory perception and communication between symbionts or symbiont and host happen via electrical impulses.

What is a symbiont?

The series bible of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine stated, ” The symbiont is an invertebrate, androgynous lifeform that lives within the host. It looks like a short, fat snake. Many centuries ago, the symbionts lived underground […] [until joining with the hosts] due to an environmental disaster. ”

How long did the Trill symbionts live?

They were long-lived compared to most humanoid species, and could easily live beyond 550 years. The Trill symbionts were teardrop-shaped and could swim in their natural pools, such as the Caves of Mak’ala. The symbionts communicated with each other via electrical impulses transmitted through milky water that they inhabited.

What happened to the Trill symbionts in Forget Me Not?

In a deleted scene from “Forget Me Not”, it is stated that all past attempts to join a Trill symbiont with a host from another species resulted in death within 96 hours. The Trill symbionts relied on the Trill to survive through hosts. The Symbiosis Commission oversaw the joining of the vermiform symbionts and humanoid Trills.