Are circus animals abused?

Are circus animals abused?

There are hundreds of documented incidents of circus animal abuse, both behind the scenes and, at times, in public. In one of the earliest incidents to be captured on video, a baby elephant named Mickey was beaten during a performance in Oregon in 1994.

Are circus animals banned in the US?

Six states already ban or restrict the use of wild animals in traveling exhibitions. In 2018, Hawaii and New Jersey banned the use of most wild animals in both circuses and traveling acts. In 2019, California banned the use of all animals, with the exception of dogs, cats, and domesticated horses, in circuses only.

Are animals abused in circuses?

Animals in circuses are often beaten, shocked, kicked, or cruelly confined in order to train them to be obedient and do tricks. With elephants, the abuse begins when they are babies to break their spirits. The abuse continues into adulthood, and they are never free of the bullhooks that puncture their skin.

Should animals in circuses be banned?

Animals in Circuses and 15 Facts Why They Should Be Banned 1. Animal trainers use bullhooks, whips, electric prods, and uncomfortable collars to force the poor creatures to do tricks. Even though all these animals are subjected to painful methods of training, it seems that elephants have it worst.

Do circuses use animals in their acts?

Circuses and trainers may claim to uphold the best practices and to have the animal’s best interests at heart, but the facts speak for themselves and, without exception, every major animal-using circus in the U.S. has fallen foul of the United States Animal Welfare Act.

Should zoos be banned in the world?

If a lot of countries understand that circuses with animal acts should be banned, the situation with zoos is not so understood. Still, there is no country in the world where zoos are banned. Some countries banned small petting zoos or buying wild animals as home pets.

How can we stop animal circuses?

Boycott animal circuses altogether and opt for animal free entertainment. Sign petitions and join peaceful campaigns to put an end to circuses in the U.S. Contact your local government and urge them to ban animal circuses in your area. Image Source: smerikal/Flickr