Why was blade 3 so bad?

Why was blade 3 so bad?

Blade: Trinity didn’t even have that going for it. Not only did we get an inconsistent story, but the action scenes are bland and lacked the fun vampire gore of the other films. The visuals don’t draw the eye and keep the audience’s attention.

Who is the lady in Blade Trinity?

Danica Talos (Parker Posey) is a main villainess in the 2004 horror film “Blade: Trinity”. Danica Talos is a vampire and the mistress and CEO of the House of Talos, a vampire sect and coporation that controls a major pharmaceutical enterprise.

Why does Drake run from blade?

After consuming dozens of humans in order to regain his strength and powers, Drake was informed by Danica on the situation of the vampire Glover kind and on Blade, and, disgusted by their weakness, decided to hunt down and kill the Daywalker. After making a distraction with a baby he held hostage, Drake fled.

Who is stronger Blade or Drake?

Drake was the original and most powerful of the vampire species. However, after Blade allied himself with the Nightstalkers, Drake was defeated.

Is Blade the Blood God?

La Magra is an immensely powerful and ancient blood god, the patron deity of vampires, and an important figure in vampire lore as he created Drake, the first vampire….

La Magra
BLADE (1998)
Character concept: Deacon Frost became a vessel for La Magra

Is Deadpool Hannibal King?

Actor Ryan Reynolds has continued to grow in popularity as a major celebrity following his successful portrayal of Deadpool in the X-Men film spin off franchise. He actually played Hannibal King in Blade: Trinity years before playing Deadpool, and now an official Marvel comic has made fun of the connection!

What is Blade Trinity?

Blade: Trinity is a 2004 film about the contining story about the half-man half-vampire Blade as he forms an alliance with Hannibal King and Abigail Whistler.

Who is the cast of Blade Trinity?

Blade: Trinity. It stars Wesley Snipes, who also produced, in the title role, as Marvel Comics character Blade, with a supporting cast of Ryan Reynolds, Jessica Biel, Kris Kristofferson, Dominic Purcell, Parker Posey and Triple H .

Who is Dracula in Blade 3?

Dracula even played a major role in the third film in the series, Blade: Trinity, where he was played by Dominic Purcell. This version of the character, called Drake in the movie, bore little resemblance to the Marvel Comics character however.