Why is it called Constitution Hill in Aberystwyth?

Why is it called Constitution Hill in Aberystwyth?

Craig Las has been known as Constitution Hill since the early nineteenth century when visitors came to view the ‘frightful precipices’. However, the hill was extensively quarried through the rest of the century, spoiling its Romantic appeal.

Can you walk up Constitution Hill Aberystwyth?

There are stunning views to be had across Cardigan Bay and across Aberystwyth. You can walk around the top of the hill to get views in all directions. Constitution Hill rises dramatically 430 feet from the north end of Aberystwyth promenade. The views from the top are spectacular.

Can you take dogs on the Aberystwyth Cliff railway?

Dogs are allowed on the railway free of charge.

How much is Aberystwyth Cliff railway?

Cliff Railway times & prices

Single Return
Adult: £4.50 £5.50
Student: £3.50 £4.50
Senior: £3.50 £4.50
Disabled: N/A £3.00

Is there parking at Aberystwyth Cliff Railway?

There is free parking on the seafront. There is only very limited street parking at the same level as the railway entrance, mostly the roads have double yellow lines.

Can you walk down Constitution Hill?

Constitution Hill didn’t stay a gentle walking route for long. In the 1840s there were three separate attempts to assassinate Queen Victoria when she rode along it in her carriage.

Can you swim in the sea at Aberystwyth?

The beach is covered in dark sand and shingle and is a regular Blue Flag and Seaside Award winner. Aberystwyth North Beach is a popular family beach. In the summer months you will also find lifeguards patrolling the beach so you can swim with peace of mind.

How long is Constitution Hill?

With a gradient of 20%, or in in five, Constitution Hill is one of the steepest residential roads in the UK. It’s also probably one of the few that’s still cobbled. Although only 300m long the street has become something of a Swansea landmark.

What is Aberystwyth’s Cliff Railway?

The Cliff Railway was developed as an element of Constitution Hill, a Victorian business venture by the Aberystwyth Improvement Company in the 1890s. The funicular took visitors to the top of the hill, where attractions such as a camera obscura were established.

What is the history of the Constitution Hill railway?

In the mid-section of the journey the railway is in a deep cutting, where 12,000 tons of rock was excavated to allow the winding footpath to cross overhead on a series of bridges. Constitution Hill was the Victorian predecessor of our modern-day theme parks and is still amongst the most popular attractions in the area.

What can you see from Constitution Hill?

Constitution Hill rises dramatically 430 feet from the north end of Aberystwyth promenade.The views from the top are spectacular. On a clear day you can see 26 Welsh mountain peaks including Snowdon, whilst the view of Cardigan Bay from the Llyn Peninsula to Strumble head extends for 60 miles. Aberystwyth Cliff Railway

How do I get to Constitution Hill?

Please note: There is no vehicle access to the top of const, access is via train or by foot. At the northern end of Aberystwyth promenade, Constitution Hill rises dramatically from the sea, providing spectacular and uninterrupted views of the town, Cardigan Bay, and on a clear day 26 mountain peaks spanning much of the length of Wales.