Why is Clash of Clans not working?

Why is Clash of Clans not working?

Power your device off and back on, then try re-launching the app. Remove the app and re-install it. Upgrade your device to the latest iOS version it supports. Install any free app that isn’t already on your device.

Is Clash of Clans getting removed from the app Store in 2022?

Clash of Clans is not facing removal from iPhone (iOS) and Android in 2022. The Clash of Clans app will still be playable on supported smartphones and tablets, as no delisting will take place. Support for Clash of Clans is ending for iPhone and Android users running outdated OS versions, however.

Is COC Dead 2020?

No. COC is not dying.

Is COC being removed?

Rest assured, it seems as though the shutting down claims are merely rumours. The game is still on the app store and the Clash of Clans social media accounts have not given any indication that the game will be removed come 2022.

Are Supercell servers down?

Supercell.net is UP and reachable by us.

How do I clear my cache on Clash of Clans?

Clear Cache and Data of the Game

  1. Go to the Settings menu of your Android smartphone.
  2. Click or tap on the Application Manager.
  3. Swipe right to go to All tabs.
  4. Scroll down until you reach the Clash of Clans tab and then click on it.

Is Clash of Clans dying?

Clash of Clans is still alive in the year 2020.

Is COC getting deleted?

Is COC banned in India?

No, Clash Of Clans is not one of the apps that have been banned by the government today. In June, there were speculations that the Government of India might ban Clash Of Clans. However, it was not banned back then and neither it is one of the apps that has been banned now.

What to upgrade in Clash of clans?

How to upgrade Clash of Clans Army: Upgrade your Town Hall to level 3. Build the Laboratory. Once the Laboratory is finished building tap on it and select ‘Research’. Select the troop member you want to upgrade by tapping on it. If you have enough Elixar (or Dark Elixir) you can begin upgrading by taping on the box that shows the cost.

How do I uninstall Clash of clans?

To Uninstall Clash of Clans, Go to your Device Settings, Select Apps Settings from the menu, then find COC and Choose to Uninstall the same. You can even do the same from your apps menu directly. Step 2: Now the Clash of Clans App doesn’t exist on your device anymore,…

How do I update Clash of clans on Kindle?

Update Clash of Clans on Kindle. Updating works the same way as installing above, with the only difference that you simply replace the installed version: Choose the option “all” and hit install. There’s no need to uninstall it and the re-install it.

Can you change clans in Clash of clans?

Well, it is possible to change your name, just follow the simple steps: Launch Clash of Clans on your Android or iPhone device. Go to “Settings” and there you will see a button “Change Name”. Just click on it and enter your new name that you want and press continue. That should do it 😀.