Why is Apep a snake?

Why is Apep a snake?

Apopis, also called Apep, Apepi, or Rerek, ancient Egyptian demon of chaos, who had the form of a serpent and, as the foe of the sun god, Re, represented all that was outside the ordered cosmos. Although many serpents symbolized divinity and royalty, Apopis threatened the underworld and symbolized evil.

What did apep look like?

Apep was seen as a giant snake or serpent leading to such titles as Serpent from the Nile and Evil Dragon. Some elaborations said that he stretched 16 yards in length and had a head made of flint.

Is apep a dragon?

Apep, the ancient serpent-like dragon demon of Egyptian Mythology. As the personification of all that was evil and darkness, Apep was seen as a giant snake/serpent, or occasionally as a dragon in later years, leading to such titles as Serpent from the Nile and Evil Lizard. …

Did people worship apep?

Apep was not worshiped, rather hated and put down by those that worshiped Ra. But, during the Setonian War, Aknuhabad reintroduced the worshiping of Apep. Throughout the Empire of Set and the Apep Kingdom, the worship of Set and Apep was not only allowed and practiced, it waas forced upon the people.

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Who is Apep the serpent?

Apep is a giant Egyptian serpent god whose goal is to devour Ra, the Sun god illuminating the entire universe. According to Egyptian mythology, every night since the creation of the world, Apep has tried to eat Ra, even though the latter was always defended by Set, Sobek, Maat, Isis, and Thoth. Today, we will discover together:

What is Apep?

Apep is the antithesis of the gods, representing chaos and darkness, the opposite of the values of the Egyptian pantheon, whose sacred mission was to spread order and light throughout the world.

Is Apep a crocodile or snake?

Already on a Naqada I (c. 4000 BC) C-ware bowl (now in Cairo) a snake was painted on the inside rim combined with other desert and aquatic animals as a possible enemy of a deity, possibly a solar deity, who is invisibly hunting in a big rowing vessel. While in most texts Apep is described as a giant snake, he is sometimes depicted as a crocodile.

How did the Egyptians deal with APEP?

The Egyptians practiced a number of rituals and superstitions that were thought to ward off Apep, and aid Ra in continuing his journey across the sky.