Why does my dumb cane have brown spots?

Why does my dumb cane have brown spots?

If the plant is in direct sunlight or situated too close to a cold window in winter, the leaves may develop brown spots, margins and blotches. Too much or too little water can also cause brown spots to form on the leaves. The plant likes humidity, but misting the foliage can lead to fungal infections.

Can you fix brown spots on leaves?

Small brown spots with yellow edges may indicate a problem with fungal leaf spots. Remove the infected leaves and destroy them, then treat the plant with neem oil according to the bottle’s directions. If the neem oil does not prevent further infection, you may need to destroy the entire plant.

Should I cut yellow leaves off Dumb Cane?

Once your dieffenbachia plant is dry and the leaves change color, they will not turn to their original color again. Simply cut them off so they don’t affect others.

How often should you water a dieffenbachia plant?

Common Problem: If the leaves of your Dumb Cane plant are turning brown or the stem is discolored and soft, this means you are overwatering your plant. Solution: To avoid this problem, we recommend that you water your Dumb Cane plant once or twice a week, depending on its size.

What are the spots on my hydrangea leaves?

Cercospora leaf spot (Cercospora hydrangea) begins as brown or purple spots on the leaves at or near the base of the plant. The circular spots are often small and scattered and usually measure 1/8 to 1/4 inches in diameter. Spots on the bigleaf hydrangea develop tan or gray centers surrounded by brown or purple halos.

Why are the leaves on my Hydrangea turning brown?

Spots on the bigleaf hydrangea develop tan or gray centers surrounded by brown or purple halos. Leaves may eventually turn yellow-green and fall off. Anthracnose is caused by the fungus Colletotrichum gloeosporioides. It produces large brown spots on leaves that eventually develop lighter brown or tan centers.

Why are the leaves on my dumb cane turning brown?

Dumb cane is prone to several bacterial and fungal diseases resulting in brown spots and yellowing leaves. Xanthomonas leaf spot is a bacterial disease that causes dark brown spots surrounded by yellow halos. The entire leaf can collapse when the spots enlarge enough to hit a vein.

When to spray hydrangea leaves for brown spots?

Additionally, you should spray both the foliage and blooming flowers the following summer before the brown spots start showing on the hydrangeas. Diagnosing this leaf disease is rather straightforward as it looks unique compared to some of the most common infections that a prevalent across plant leaves.