Why do we celebrate festivals?

Why do we celebrate festivals?

There are many advantages of festival celebration such as- Indians celebrate their beliefs, culture, and tradition in the form of festivals. Festivals add so many exciting memories in our life that we remember throughout our life. Festival makes us better human beings. Festival creates an environment to serve others.

Which is a religious festival?

A religious festival is a time of special importance marked by adherents to that religion. Religious festivals are commonly celebrated on recurring cycles in a calendar year or lunar calendar. Hundreds of very different religious festivals are held around the world each year.

How do festivals unite people?

festivals unite us by many ways.. during festivals our friends and relatives come to meet us in that auspicious day..on those days we feel really happy meeting our relatives after a long time..the sharing and caring element in the festivals unite us..for example during diwali we invite everyone to our house..the main …

What are the effects of festivals on environment?

23,500 tonnes of waste are generated every year at festivals, 68% of which goes directly into landfill. Much of this is comprised of single-use plastics (such as bottles, straws, food trays and cable ties), as well as microplastic pollution in the form of glitter and toiletries.

Why do we celebrate festivals for Class 3?

All festivals are associated with celebration and provide entertainment. These celebrations offered a sense of belonging for religious, social, or geographical groups. National Festivals– These festivals are celebrated by the whole country. Our National festivals are: Independence Day, Republic Day, Gandhi Jayanti.

What is Festival in simple words?

A festival is a gathering of people to celebrate something. It can also refer to a one day or more when people in a country have a holiday so that they can celebrate something. Festivals may be religious or national.

What are festivals for Class 2?

Religious Festivals

  • Diwali. Considered as the festival of lights. Celebrated when Lord Rama came back from 14 years of exile.
  • Holi. Known as a festival of colors.
  • Raksha Bandhan. Brother gets tied rakhi from sister.
  • Christmas. Christmas is celebrated on 25th of December.
  • Onam. Festival of Kerala.

Which is the most famous festival?

Top 10 Celebrations Around the World

  1. Holi, India.
  2. Burning Man Festival, Black Rock Desert, Nevada, U.S.A.
  3. The Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.
  4. La Tomatina, Buñol, Valencia, Spain.
  5. The Carnival of Venice, Venice, Italy.
  6. Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany.
  7. Loy Krathong & Yee Peng Lantern Festivals, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Why do we celebrate festivals for Class 5?

Answer. The main reason we celebrate festivals is because the majority of them are more or less religiously centered and thus we come to honor our religions. But festivals also give a sense of enjoyment, relaxation and offer the time needed to bond with family members whom we never really see.

Which is the famous festival in the world?

Holi is undeniably one of the biggest religious festivals around the world. Dubbed the Festival of Colors, Holi is a springtime celebration of all things good prevailing over evil.

Which country has maximum festivals?


How can festivals benefit society?

Besides being fun, well-managed festivals and events offer a host of economic and social benefits to communities. Boosting the economy, by definition, festivals attract visitors. Festivals also provide free marketing and advertising for local businesses as visitors talk about their experiences when they go home.

What’s the biggest holiday in the world?

The Top 10 Biggest Holidays Around the World

  • Christmas.
  • Hanukkah.
  • New Year.
  • Chinese New Year.
  • Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr.
  • Easter.
  • Valentine’s Day.
  • Diwali.

What are the festival dance?

Festival dances are cultural dances performed to the strong beats of percussion instruments by a community of people sharing the same culture usually done in honor of a Patron saint or as a thanksgiving for a bountiful harvest.

How do you explain festivals?

A festival is an event ordinarily celebrated by a community and centering on some characteristic aspect of that community and its religion or cultures. It is often marked as a local or national holiday, mela, or eid.

What are the examples of religious festival?

A festivals calendar

  • January and February.
  • Feast of the Black Nazarene (Jan 9) Quiapo, Manila.
  • Sinulog (Third Sun in Jan) Cebu City wwww.sinulog.ph.
  • Ati-Atihan (Variable, usually second week of Jan) Kalibo, Aklan province.
  • Dinagyang (Fourth week of Jan) Iloilo wwww.dinagyangsailoilo.com.

What are famous festivals?

Most Popular National Festivals of India

  • Diwali.
  • Holi.
  • Navratri.
  • Durga Puja.
  • Dussehra.
  • Janmashtami.
  • Ganesh Chaturthi.
  • Eid-ul-Fitr.

What are examples of festivals?

Some of the most famous religious festivals include Christmas, Hanukkah, Diwali, Passover, Easter, Holi and Eid al-Adha, which all serve to mark out the year. Among these, the Holi Festival in India is definitely the most colourful.