Why did the Cardinals and Cubs only play 7 innings?

Why did the Cardinals and Cubs only play 7 innings?

Back in 2020 when the league was trying to get the pandemic-shortened season underway, one of the newly-implemented rules was the adoption of the 7-inning doubleheader. To keep the teams from getting too burned out playing that many games, though, the doubleheader games were shortened to 7 innings each.

What is the Cubs record against the Cardinals?

The Cardinals have won 19 NL pennants, while the Cubs have won 17….Cardinals–Cubs rivalry.

Regular season series Cubs 1,253–1,196–18
Postseason results Cubs, 3–1
Largest victory Cardinals, 20–5 (April 16, 1912)
Longest win streak Cardinals, 14 (April 21, 1944–September 7, 1944) Cubs, 21 (1935)

Why was the Cardinal Cubs game postponed?

Sunday’s contest between the Cardinals and Cubs was postponed due to inclement weather and will be made up as the second game of a split doubleheader on Friday, Sept. 24, after St. Louis had been originally scheduled to open a three-game set at Wrigley Field that afternoon. St.

Are all doubleheaders 7 innings?

Major League Baseball made some rule changes last season, as emergency measures amid the coronavirus pandemic. Among them, doubleheader games were shortened to seven innings apiece, and a free runner was placed on second base in extra innings, both designed to shorten the amount of time spent on the field.

What are 7 inning doubleheaders?

Seven-inning doubleheaders were created so that players would spend less time around each other during the pandemic, especially in 2020 when a lot of games were postponed due to COVID outbreaks. That’s happened far less often this year.

What team is considered to be the Cardinals biggest rival?

The Bears–Cardinals rivalry is a National Football League (NFL) rivalry between the Chicago Bears and the Arizona Cardinals. It is the oldest continuous matchup in the NFL and features the only two teams that remain from the league’s inception in 1920.

Who won the Cubs Cardinals series?

Make it a very sweet 16 for the St. Louis Cardinals. Knizner scored the go-ahead run on Codi Heuer’s wild pitch in the ninth inning, and the Cardinals beat the lowly Chicago Cubs 4-2 on Sunday for their 16th straight victory.

Was Cubs game Cancelled today?

Today’s #Cubs game has been postponed and will be made up tomorrow at 1:20 p.m. CDT.

What happened to the Cardinals Cubs game today?

Cubs edge Cardinals 3-2 in rain-shortened finale.