Why did Breakout Kings end?

Why did Breakout Kings end?

Breakout Kings, which concluded its second season on April 29, is believed to have been cancelled due to Olmstead becoming showrunner of Chicago Fire. The drama featuring House’s Jesse Spencer and Taylor Kinney of The Vampires Diaries was announced as part of the NBC fall schedule this week.

Is Breakout Kings a sequel?

A sequel to the hit Fox series actually aired back in 2011. Breakout Kings was created by Nick Santora and Matt Olmstead – formerly writers and producers on Prison Break – and premiered on cable channel A&E three years after its parent show’s finale ‘The Final Break’ had aired.

What happens to Lloyd in Breakout Kings?

Lloyd is the first main character who was mostly killed by another main character, Erica Reed. Lloyd along with Julianne, Ray Zancanelli are the only Breakout Kings members who were not replaced or removed from the team or being killed.

Why was there no season 3 of Breakout Kings?

Alonso later told fans that leaving the show was not his idea. Over the course of season two, the ratings for Breakout Kings further declined, hitting a low of a 0.5 rating with 1.27 million. The finale aired last month and A&E has decided they don’t want a third season.

Why did Laz Alonso leave Breakout Kings?

He had garnered a lot of fame through his role as Detective John Kelly and he was eager to try his luck at bigger better roles, namely in the movies and so he left.

What did Lloyd Lowery do?

Lloyd Loweryis one of the three convicts chosen by Ray Zancanelli to aid and contribute in catching escaped fugitives, as a member of the Breakout Kings. Lloyd is a gambling addict, an addiction that lead him to being put in prison for 25 years. He acts as the “Brains” of the team.

Why was Nicole steinwedell replaced on Breakout Kings?

Nicole Steinwedell of The Unit did a decent job in the pilot episode as a con woman member of the team, before A&E decided she wasn’t “edgy and ethnic” enough for the series-proper and replaced her with Serinda Swan (best known as one of the Sirens in Tron: Legacy.

What happened to Charlie on Breakout Kings?

Charlie was the first Breakout Kings member to get shot by one of the Breakout Kings Main Villians. He was shot by Oliver Day, but survived it. Charlie was the only main character to die on-screen in season 2. Charlie was also the only main character who died during Breakout Kings on-screen.