Why choose Dallmeier?

Why choose Dallmeier?

precise. Dallmeier is the only manufacturer of video security technology to develop and produce the vast majority of components in Germany – from cameras, recording and transmission solutions to video management to intelligent video analysis to customised management systems. meticulous.

Where are Dallmeier cameras made?

Dallmeier is the only manufacturer that develops and manufactures all components in Germany. This includes the entire product range, from cameras to picture storage and transmission to intelligent video analysis and even individually adjusted management software. Quality made by Dallmeier, made in Germany!

What is the warranty on a Dallmeier video surveillance system?

Dallmeier‘s commitment to the quality and stability of its video surveillance products is reflected by the long warranty periods: Dallmeier recording systems are shipped with a 2 year warranty. During this time you are entitled to make use of warranty repairs.

How do I make an enquiry about Dallmeier products?

Because we require further information on the device, we recommend that you submit the enquiry online via the Dallmeier Ticket System – so that we can help you in the fastest way possible. Dallmeier products are manufactured in accordance with strict quality guidelines and stand out due to their reliability and durability.

Why Dallmeier 3D video and analysis?

Instead of the frequently encountered “let’s see what we see” approach, Dallmeier customers receive a well planned video and analysis system with clearly defined results: Planning with the Dallmeier 3D planning and engineering approach means minimum time expenditure with maximum reliability and guaranteed target achievement. passionate.

Why choose panomerar® s series?

Panomera® S Series makes it possible. The Panomerar® W-Series can monitor wide sceneries with 180° or 360°. Minimise Your Total Cost of Ownership. Thanks to the Panomera ® effect, large areas or even long distances (e.g. at the perimeter) can be captured with considerably fewer cameras than with the use of traditional Ultra HD or PTZ systems.

What is the difference between PTZ and panomera®?

The operation of a Panomera® system is simple and intuitive. Everybody’s First. In contrast to PTZ cameras, with which only one operator can control the camera, with Panomera ®, an unlimited number of operators can navigate across the entire scene independently of each other. The Panomera® Multi-User concept leaves no event unseen.