Why are neutrophils preferred to observe Barr bodies?

Why are neutrophils preferred to observe Barr bodies?

Recognition of a Barr body in a neutrophil is important in order to avoid reporting it as abnormal (unless two or more per neutrophil are seen). The Barr body is considered nonpathological unless associated with rare chromosome disorders.

What does the presence of Barr body indicate?

Inactivated X chromosomes seen in female somatic cells are called Barr-bodies which are present adjacent to the nuclear membrane. Condensed state of densely stained chromatin signifies that in such cases DNA replication occurred at the later stage of S phase of cell cycle.

How many Barr bodies are in XXY male?

XX females have one Barr body per cell, XXX females have 2 Barr bodies per cell, and XXY Klinefelter males have one Barr body per cell (Barr bodies are not observed in XY males). This is why X chromosome aneuploidy can be tolerated; all but one of the extra X chromosomes is unactivated.

How do you count Barr bodies?

The number of Barr bodies in a cell is one less than the number of X chromosomes. For example: In a normal female with the genotype 46XX , the number of Barr bodies would be 1. In a normal male with the genotype 46XY, the number of Barr bodies would be 0.

Is Barr body another name for neutrophils?

Barr body is an another name for neutrophilis. II. Agranulocytes are formed in the red bone marrow. III.

In which of the following stages Barr body can be seen in human female?

Inside the nucleus of neutrophils, at the rim of the nucleus, barr bodies are seen in the female somatic cells. So, option D is the right answer, i.e., a barr body that is inactivated X chromosome is found in the somatic cell of a woman.

Will there be a Barr body in male with Klinefelter syndrome?

Like females, XXY males with Klinefelter syndrome will convert one X to a Barr body in each cell. Triple X females (as well as Klinefelter males with more than two X chromosomes) neutralize their extra Xs by forming additional Barr bodies.

What is Barr body 12?

Barr bodies are condensed inactive X chromosomes in a female somatic cell and is used to verify that an individual is genetically female. Since Barr body is a condensed chromatin due to inactive X- chromosome, it is chromatin positive.

How many Barr bodies are in Klinefelter syndrome XXY?

XXY male (Klinefelter syndrome): one active X, one Y, one Barr body. XXX female (triple X syndrome): one active X, two Barr bodies.